Monday, April 26, 2010

Five Really Boring Days

I didn’t intend to post about Lindsay Lohan again so soon, but the past five days has been rather busy for her. Here is what happened:

She failed to show up for her deposition because she “couldn’t get a ride.” This is the second scheduling of this deposition. The first one she missed because she was much too busy. (This is the lawsuit brought by the passengers in her car back in 2007 who she took on a crazy ride down the PCH.)

The Judge ordered her to show up for her deposition on May 4, 2010.

She was accused of stealing a Rolex her friend left at her house.

Her father barged into her apartment with the LAPD under the auspices of doing a “welfare check” on her sister Ali.

She got axed from a movie because she “wasn’t bankable.”

She got into a Twitter argument with Perez Hilton.

She threw a glass of water at Samantha Ronson at a club.

Her father threatened to take legal action to save her from herself and demanded a meeting with her.

She skipped the aforementioned meeting.

All of the above things have happened since April 21, 2010. FIVE DAYS AGO. Who lives like this? Who can stand this much drama? I really wish I could just look away…but I can’t. None of this is going to end well.

And God, do I have a boring life in comparison. All I did in the past five days was go to work, met my friends for lunch today, went to Second City Saturday night and saw a show, had dinner with some friends prior to the show on Saturday night, caught up on some of my DVR'd shows and made a trip to the CVS for some toilet paper. But you know, somehow I'm not at all jealous of Lindsay Lohan. She can keep the drama.

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