Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Night Hops

Went out for drinks this evening with the Ms. This is obviously a fake name, to protect the innocent. I call them that because they are two men I work with who have the same first name. Before you ask, I'll answer the questions: Yes, they are both married. No, I am not having an affair with either one of them. In fact, I have no interest in either one of them. We just like to booze together after work.

At around 5:15 M1 (higher on the letterhead ranks M1) popped his head into my office and asked if I wanted to get a cocktail. I told him I needed about fifteen minutes, and I'd meet him over at The Usual Joint. The Usual Joint being the place where everyone knows our name and the bartender brings my drink of choice before I've even shoved my bag under the bar and taken off my coat. It's also two blocks from the office.

At 5:20, one of my coworkers who I am on a case with forwarded me an e-mail with some bullshit from opposing counsel, and some caselaw that opposing counsel "assures us" supports his position. Forty five minutes later, I was quite sure that the caselaw not only didn't support his position, but was unpublished so it meant squat anyway.

Meanwhile, M1 calls my office phone to find out where I was. Oops! I was so engrossed in my research on this twenty five year old case that issued before the Federal Circuit even existed that I forgot to leave and go have drinks. So, tout suite, I did so. Packed up my things and moved on to bigger and better things.

When I arrived at The Usual Joint, M1 and M2 were sitting at the bar, and shockingly M2 was drinking a Coke. Eh, but what is this? Why is M2 drinking a Coke and not a beer? Unfortunately, M2 has a trial next week, and he needed to go back to work this evening, so drinks were not in the cards for him.

That's fine. M1 and I had it covered. My drink of choice is lite beer, his is wine. I've found that drinking anything other than lite beer usually winds up with me either (1) blacking out; or (2) falling down. I swear, even one too many Stellas can throw me over the edge. And let's not talk about hard liquor or an entire bottle of wine. Embarrassing times. Hence, lite beer. Particularly (and especially) because it is a work night, and the beginning of the week. I certainly do not want to ruin my entire week on Monday.

I only had a few beers, because M1 had to get home to his wife and kids, and I'm sorry to report that nothing particularly exciting happened. We talked a bit about work, a bit about vacation plans for the summer, and that was about it. But, it was good to get out, even though I never go out on Monday nights anymore outside of football season. And, now that I've had a few beers I want a few more, so that means I will not be working out this evening, which is bad. Maya from My Fitness Coach (Wii edition) is going to yell at me tomorrow, but that's okay.

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