Monday, April 19, 2010

The New Hot Thing

I haven’t read the Twilight series, nor do I have any desire to. Someday maybe I’ll read them, but for some reason I’m instantly put off by the whole “YOU MUST READ THIS” hoopla that some books and movies acquire. If someone tells me I MUST read/see it, then I instantly do not want to do said thing. I feel the same way about Avatar. Ever since I heard that it was the most expensive movie ever, I actually kind of wanted to see it fail. While I didn’t see it, most of the rest of the word did, so needless to say, that never happened. I guess I’m somewhat bothered by the idea that someone agreed to spend $500 million dollars on making a movie. I mean, really? Our economy is in the gutter, and yet Hollywood is out blowing $500 million dollars on a movie? Oh well. This is kind of a newer thing for me. I feel like if I was 13 years old I would’ve been all over the Twilight/Avatar phenomena. But as an adult, I simply don’t like jumping aboard whatever train the media tells me is the NEW HOT THING. Because really, next year there will be another NEW HOT THING, and everyone will probably be talking about how lame Twilight was in comparison. So isn’t kind of a waste of time to get caught up in every little thing that comes along, when it will be outdated and overshadowed by something else soon anyway?

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