Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cruising With New Kids on the Block

I've often wondered who buys the “Mrs. Wahlberg,” or “Team Jordan,” or “Joey’s My Boyfriend” t-shirts. (The same would go for the “Team Aniston” type of t-shirts.) I always found them to be sort of corny – but maybe I’m too realistic. The odds of actually becoming Mrs. Donnie Wahlberg or the girlfriend of Joey Mcintyre are probably worse than winning the lottery. Yet girls and women buy the t-shirts and proudly prance around as if the saying on the front were actually true. To each her own, I suppose.

My wondering came to an end when I went on the New Kids on the Block cruise over the weekend. (Don’t judge me.) While I like the NKOTB a lot, I’m not one of these types of women who is going to head rush them if I see them walking on the street, or even scream at the top of my lungs. I’m a little more reserved about it than that. (And say what you want, but they put on a great show.) I got convinced to go on the cruise by my friends, who had gone last year and had a great time. So, I figured what the heck?

The women who go on this cruise are easily the most hardcore of the fans. Many wore the t-shirts I listed above, along with others that were much dirtier, i.e. “Insert Danny’s Wood Here,” with an arrow pointing down toward the crotch area. If a New Kid so much as set foot on the Lido Deck, there was a mad rush toward him for autographs or conversation. The whole experience was very surreal to me, I guess because I don’t get all heady over celebrities like that. When I passed Jon on the upper deck, I said “Hi” and kept walking. (I mean, even if I got his autograph, I’d probably lose it before I even got home.) I didn’t feel the need to rush to the front of the stage or scream my head off when they appeared. But that’s just me – I guess you could say I’m reserved. I even forgot at time that the NKOTB were on the cruise with us.

I couldn’t help but think the entire time that—despite the fun of the cruise—the NKOTB were actually working. They had to sit for five hours on Sunday so we could all get photos taken with them, put on two concerts, conduct two game shows, and host the beach party on Saturday. And, to top it off, they (well, mostly Donnie Wahlberg), stayed up until 5 a.m. on the upper deck singing and hosting with the D.J. Sounds like a lot of work to me, and I found myself impressed that they would do that for their crazy fans.

Would I do it again? No, once was enough. But it was definitely fun, and if you are a fan, you should go next year.


  1. I was just talking to a friend about the cruise today. We were joking about how we should go next year. IDK...the whole thing seems corny to me. Being trapped on a boat with hordes of women desperate to cling to some sort of youth dream sounds terrifying to me. Absolutely terrifying. Also, I went on YouTube to see some of the video from the cruise and it just looked to me that there were too many times the guys just stood around in a VIP area with a crowd of girls just standing there looking at them.

  2. You really have to just ignore the craziness. If you are a fan of their music at all, it was fun, but there were definitely a lot of girls who really seemed to be clinging to something.

    The guys were also almost exclusively in the VVIP area. There was a VIP area, and then a VVIP area, and I still have no idea how people got wristbands to get into the areas. That was kind of frustrating, but in the end it didn't really matter because what do I have to say to them?