Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My DVR Addiction

I was well behind the bandwagon on the whole DVR/Tivo phenomenon. I mean, really behind. I only got a DVR last August, in large part because I put off getting a new TV for way too long, and it seemed a little ridiculous to me to have Tivo or DVR on a ten year old tube TV.

Thus, not only do I now have a 42” flat screen Samsung, but I have DirecTV DVR. I don’t know how I lived without DVR. This device was invented by a genius. I can record anything I want at the push of a button and watch it later, fast forwarding through the commercials along the way. I never again have to worry about being home on certain nights to catch my favorite TV show, or be dependent on Hulu or iTunes to download an episode, or being without something decent to watch. (Because God knows there are days when 600 channels results in nothing to watch.) I can watch my shows anytime I want, whenever it is convenient for me. And the recording is so simple! No worrying about whether the clock is set right or the tape speed is set right, like in the old days of VCR recording.

Of course, this has led to some problems. I got somewhat overzealous with the DVR when I first got it, and recorded any and every show I could think of that I somewhat remotely liked. This quickly filled up the DVR, and watching my shows turned into an obligation rather than a pleasure. I began to have thoughts like “I can’t go out tonight…I am at 92% on my DVR and I have to watch and delete some of these movies and shows so I can record more.” It became a neverending cycle. What got me into trouble initially was my attempt to catch up on shows like CSI:NY, Cold Case, and Bones. You see, TNT and TBS like to show these shows multiple times a day, so at times I would come home to five new episodes to watch. I don’t have time to watch five episodes in a single evening. Nor do I necessarily want to watch five episodes in a single evening. Nor do I want to spend my weekend watching five episodes of CSI:NY when I could be outside actually doing stuff.

What saved me was winter. In the winter I don’t particularly like to be outside anymore than I have to, unless I’m participating in some sort of outdoor sporting, like skiing. Since there is a lack of skiing in the Chicago area, I had plenty of time to catch up on shows. And I stopped recording everything that looks remotely interesting. I think I’ve now seen all the CSI:NY and Cold Case shows, other than the new ones. I’ve started lapping myself on Bones, so it’s mainly only new episodes there. But now I’m newly addicted to Criminal Minds. Who knew this was such a great show, and the Ion channel plays it about twelve times a day. (Oh happiness, coming home to six new episodes of Criminal Minds!)

So now, other than Criminal Minds, I’m merely recording new shows, which are only once a week. (And trying out Treme and Happy Town, neither of which I’ve watched yet, but are taking up space in my DVR list.) Oh, and I’m DVRing movies I never would’ve dreamed of ordering on Netflix. Some of those are still hanging around on the DVR months later. But still, as of today, right now, my DVR capacity is at 56% used. That’s not bad. Almost half. Plenty of room to tape some more things. Lost and The Tudors are ending after this season. Any ideas about what shows I should record now?

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  1. I was just like you; I waited for ever to get a DVR. Finally I bit the bullet and it is my best pal now! I mean working at DISH, school; being a mum and homework I can hardly find time to take a breath. I was always worried about my DVR space and the millions of shows that I had set up to record. Luckily I was reading about DISH introducing the Hopper! This DVR has the biggest DVR space available. So I no longer have to worry about my space on my DVR. They even have a neat little feature where it beeps your remote to find it! Pretty cool, this DVR will be in my house as soon as it is released.