Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chicago's Wonderful City Workers

I’m utterly annoyed with the city of Chicago.

Sometime around the second week in May, the city decided it was time to put in wheelchair accessible curbs at the corner of my block. My condo complex sits on the corner of Street A and Street B, in the interests of retaining my privacy, and not broadcasting to the world exactly where I live. I will just say this: it’s on the north side, and it’s initials are LP.

The city workers arrived during a day that I was at work and tore out the sidewalk at the corner. As part of this destruction, they removed two knee high iron fences that we have which separate the sidewalk from our flower gardens on Street A and Street B. (Apparently our flower gardens are on what is known as the Devil’s Strip. I love Google.) The two fences they removed are approximately ten feet long, and have been there for probably 20 years, when the complex was built. Additionally, we had some brick laid next to the sidewalk (patio-like), and half of that has been torn out, and there was dirt everywhere. Quite a mess.

The city workers left the two gates laying on the sidewalk. I remember seeing this sometime around the time they were put there, and thought to myself “Gee, those are going to get stolen.” Of course in my laziness I did nothing about it. I mean, if I moved them into our inner courtyard would the city workers be able to find them and put them back in? Who do I even contact to tell them I’m moving them? At any rate, I figured we’d have fresh, new cement within a week or two, and surely the hooligans of Chicago could contain themselves that long.

Six weeks passed, and the corner remained torn up.

Surprising to no one, one of our fences walked away. (Who steals a 10 foot long iron fence? Seriously.) So now, according to our alderman, we have to file a claim with the city which could take 3-6 months to resolve. Does anyone really think the city of Chicago is going to reimburse us for this fence? Show of hands, please.

Even more annoying, the city workers have now apparently cemented the corner, but they left the bricks torn out, left the other fence laying in the flower beds, and essentially left the corner a mess. I can’t tell if they are coming back or not yet, but I presume they are because there still needs to be some cement poured at the base of the accessibility ramp. But will they put in our other fence and repair the brick they tore up? I’m not going to hold my breath.

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