Friday, June 4, 2010

City Stickers in Chicago

The city sticker is by far one of the biggest scams in the city of Chicago.

This is a sticker that you must buy if you live in the city of Chicago and have a vehicle. Said sticker must be affixed to the bottom right hand corner of the windshield. The sticker costs $75 for the average vehicle.  Once a year, in June, you must buy a new city sticker.

I don't know what the purpose of this sticker is, other than to pour more money into the city coffers.  I never park my car on the street.  My car is either parked in my garage at home or in the parking structure across the street from my office.  Occasionally you might find it in the parking lot of the Dominick's at Division and North Clybourn.  My car is registered in the state and city; why do I need to pay another fee?

Because I rarely drive, my vehicle is almost never in a location where I can get ticketed for not having a sticker - except when I go to the airport.  Leaving my car at O'Hare for a few days has resulted in two tickets for lack of a city sticker.  (In my defense, even though I've lived here for nine years, I didn't realize I needed a city sticker until I got a ticket for not having one.  My bad, guess I should've looked it up.)  It's insanely ridiculous to me that cops are trolling the parking garage at O'Hare to give people tickets for no city sticker.  Don't they have anything better to do?  You know, like deal with the shootings in Uptown or at North Avenue beach?

So, since it's June I need to renew my city sticker.  (After the second ticket, I broke down and bought one, but I never did end up putting it on my car window.  Maybe I won't even bother renewing and roll the dice with the ticket.)  Of course, I can't renew it until the city mails me my renewal information.  I'd rather just do it now, because I know I'm going to forget to do it later.  Come on, Chicago! 

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