Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh, Obama. Why must you curse?

It's been all over the news that Obama is looking for "whose ass to kick" regarding the big oil spill in the Gulf.  In fact, here is the video of him saying it. 

This makes me sad.  Why is the President of the United States swearing in an interview?  Is he trying to emphasize his anger?  Can't he do that through actions, or even different wording?  Was "ass to kick" really the best way to phrase what he was going to do about the situation?  Does he now condone a good asskicking or other form of violence?  Was this written on the teleprompter, or is this what Obama comes up with when he speaks off the cuff?

It's like Obama watched the MTV Movie Awards and deduced that kids these days (aka the ones will will vote for him in 2012) think swearing is cool, so now Obama wants to be cool, too, so he swore.  (In cased you missed the MTV Movie Awards, there was an unbelievable amount of swearing.  After awhile, it just seemed really pathetic.)

Fail.  You're the President.  Have some respect for the office you hold.

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