Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reality TV Does Not Mean Acting Dreams

After seeing this TMZ video of The Situation (from the fabulously trashy Jersey Shore) asserting that he wants to parlay his fifteen minutes into an acting career, a question occurred to me. Legions of reality television “stars” have expressed this exact goal, but has anyone ever successfully done this? 

I started with the cast of the horrible movie The Scorned. This was a movie that aired on television back in 2005, which “starred” a host of former reality television “stars.” Allegedly nearly all of them hoped to become real actors and actresses. Remember Toni Ferrari from Paradise Hotel? She desperately wanted to become a serious actress. So did much of the rest of the cast, which included Trishelle Cannatella from The Real World, Jenna Morasca from Survivor, Reichen Lehmkuhl from The Amazing Race, Tonya Cooley from The Real World, and many others.

So, what have all of them been up to as far as acting? Toni Ferrari is playing The Hitchhiker in the 2009 movie Mutilation Mile. Jenna Morasca is doing casting on such quality MTV and VH1 television shows as The Girls of Hedsor Hall and Tool Academy. She’s also apparently in a couple of small movies in 2009. Tonya Cooley has done nothing more than appear on The Real World/Road Rules Challenges in recent years. Trishelle Cannatella played Courtney in Ninja Cheerleaders back in 2008 and guest starred on Criminal Minds back in 2006. Reichen was on five episodes of Dante’s Cove back in 2007. Many other of the cast have done no acting since The Scorned scorched our eyeballs five years ago.

Who else was desperately seeking an acting career? Tiffany Pollard, a.k.a. New York, from Flavor of Love is playing Mrs. Jones in Memories of My Melancholy Whores this year. Schatar Sapphira, a.k.a. Hottie, from Flavor of Love is playing Scuttle Butt Dancer in this year’s wildly anticipated Glass Heels. I could go on. IMDB shows that the majority of reality television stars might appear in small roles in a few movies no one has ever heard of, but that’s about the extent of it.

Indeed, the only person I can find who seems to have done remotely anything with an acting career is Jacinda Barrett, from The Real World: London. You’d think by now, given the track record, that aspiring actors and actresses would realize that reality tv does not equal an acting career. The Situation is likely better off marketing a workout video, telling us all how to get those abs.

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