Saturday, June 5, 2010

Things Not to Do as a Summer Associate

I went for option two, and two of our summer associates on probation soon to possibly be full timers showed up.  One I like; the other I can't stand.  Here's what he did last night:

1.  Stayed out with us until 2 a.m. even though he had bar review class early this morning.  This just isn't impressive to me.  Although,I secretly hope he will fail the bar.

2.  Dismissed any and all advice I tried to give him about working at the firm.  Note:  I am a partner and have worked at this firm for many years.  I know who to work with, what to do, and how to make people like you.  This kid is so conceited that he thinks he knows more than I do about what to do.  Fail.

3.  Got so drunk he almost got into a fight.

I won't have to see this kid again (I hope) until August.  (For reasons unexplained, he is not working part time in June.  This is bizarre to me.  He should be working and kissing everyone's ass in the place.)  I hope he takes an office on another floor so I don't have to see him at all once he starts.

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