Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And a Few Random 12:30 a.m. Thoughts Before I Go To Bed...

1.  I am so happy Chrissy got kicked off You're Cut Off this week.  She is an utterly vile person, and I hope her family is ashamed of themselves for raising her.  I also hope that she does not get given the money when she gets home, although I seriously doubt anything will truly change there.

2.  I'm wondering at what point I will start asking for the "Silver Pack" instead of "Virginia Slims Menthol Ultra Lights."  Really, despite the new law, nothing has changed.

3.  I have about fifty beers in my fridge leftover from the party.  I never seem to grasp that most of my friends are good people and actually bring beer when they come over.  Plus, a lot of folks went for the mixed drinks.  Hence, tons of leftover beer.  My fridge is almost embarrassing and I have very little room for food.

4.  I have so much DVRing to catch up on.  The entire season of Treme is waiting for me, along with two episodes of True Blood.  (Oh, and Frasier, Numbers, and Criminal Minds (which I am rewatching)).

5.  Speaking of Criminal Minds, I can't say I'm upset that JJ  is leaving the show.  Her character was and has been useless since the beginning.  It was only a matter of time.  I'm also not going to miss Paget Brewster's character.  She essentially also did nothing and contributed nothing.  Now, if they got rid of Thomas Gibson, I might have to stop watching.  I love Hotchner's intensity.  And I really wouldn't have minded if they got rid of Garcia.  I find her highly annoying after five seasons.

6.  I just finished reading Word Freak, which was surprisingly interesting.  I've played Scrabble my entire life and consider myself to be a good living room player.  I had no idea there were national competitions and that people dedicated their lives to Scrabble and anagramming.

7.  I am hopelessly late shipping my niece's birthday gift to her.  I have to remember to bring it to work with me tomorrow to have my secretary ship.  I'm a terrible aunt.

8.  Patio furniture is ridiculously expensive.  I want to buy a set for my deck, but I really don't want to drop two or three thousand on it right now, since I'm a new partner and somewhat living on the edge this year as far as what I'm going to end up making.  Ugh!

9.  My gerber daisies have died.  I did everything I could, but they did not like me.

10.  In about five weeks I will turn 36.  That much closer to 40.  Oh, hooray.

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