Friday, July 16, 2010

I've Been Out Tonight...And

Normally I don't hop on my computer after a night of beers and such with the co-workers/friends.  Since I go out with many of my co-workers so often, I believe they are officially on the friend list now.  But, one of our clerks was out tonight, and seeing him reminded me that I told him I would give him all of my bar exam cheat sheets and study materials, if I still had them saved on my computer.  (He is taking the bar at the end of the month.  Why is he out?  Apparently he's been cooped up studying all week and wanted to see us.  I can buy that.)  I felt so horrible seeing him, because I've been telling him I would look and see if I had the stuff for the past month.  I honestly just forgot about it until I actually saw him.  I apparently should've written it in marker on my hand to remind myself.  I forget everything unless it is written down. 

So, I got home from the bar (about fifteen minutes ago), looked, saw that I had an entire "Bar Exam" folder still on my laptop which was divided into folders based on topic (damn, I was insanely organized back then), which included outlines, cheat sheets, summaries, etc., and saved it all to a thumb drive, which I will have my secretary burn to a CD tomorrow, to leave on my chair for him to pick up. 

I'm so nice, aren't I?  But I want D to pass.  He is a good guy.  I have to say, my cheat sheets were the bomb.  Being able to look at an entire area of law and the elements on four or five sheets of paper are invaluable when it comes to the memorization that is required for the bar exam.  I'm honestly shocked that I still have this crap, because when I told him I'd give it to him, I didn't really think I still had it.  (I've gotten new laptops since the bar, so I figured it all got deleted along the way, and filed under stuff I will not need anymore.)  I think I was possibly so proud of the formatting and content of my cheat sheets that I kept them.  That's kind of pathetic, eh?  But if it helps D pass the bar, I'm happy to share.  Although, I have warned him that they are all six years out of date.  Maybe he can update them, or possibly he can pass without any update at all.

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  1. Funny. I still have my anatomy notes because I was so impressed with my organizational skills as well. A 3-ring binder of about 100 pages of carefully typed out notes and hand drawn diagrams, hand colored as well! Totally aced that class!

    He will be forever grateful!