Friday, July 9, 2010

Me and My Crazy Obsessions

When an urge hits me to do something, I tend to get obsessive about it.  Not OCD obsessive, because the obsession passes, but obsessive enough that I do it like crazy, and then I forget about it.  This is why I've never tried any drugs harder than marijuana.  I just know I would get obsessive. 

Example #1:  Skincare

About four or five months ago, I suddenly became obsessed with taking care of the skin on my face.  Nothing prompted this - it just occurred to me.  I had to start being more proactive about aging, etc.  Immediately.  Now, I wash my face most nights (eh, I'm human and sometimes I'm too tired), I use serum and lotion in the mornings, and I stay out of the sun.  I do at least a portion of what you are supposed to do.  So, I bought Creme de la Mer, Dr. Brandt, a collagen filler, an eye roller thingy, and a host of other products.  Some of them I even paid for overnight delivery.  I had to have them!  I used them religiously for about a month.  Then I started breaking out.  Perhaps I used them a little bit too much.  I blamed it on the Creme de la Mer (should've bought the version for oily skin).  Shortly thereafter, I stopped using (got lazy) any of it other than my usual morning drill.  Occasionally if my skin feels dry I'll rub a little lotion on before bed.  (I do like the smell of la Mer.)  But really most of the product I bought is gathering dust.  The good news is that I know at some point over the next six months, I will become obsessive about my face again, and then at least I won't need to buy any more products. 

Example #2:  Turtlenecks

This happens to me every fall.  I go through the many (I think maybe 30 or so right now) turtlenecks in my closet, and decide that they are either (1) too faded to wear (they aren't); (2) ugly colors (some, but not all); (3) too short (why does that happen?); or (4) ugly.  Then I go buy as many turtlenecks as I can find.  I try to get them at places like Old Navy because they are cheaper there.  I've been known to buy one in every color, because I do tend to live in turtlenecks in the winter, and I like to have options.  I just can't help it - the turtleneck obsession overwhelms me.   

Example #3:  Boots

I have probably 20 pairs of boots in my closet.  Knee high, calf, ankle, snow, rain, black, brown, burgundy, you name it.  Tons of boots.  I don't need more boots.  I buy classic styles that can go from season to season.  Yet every winter, I have to buy more boots.  Why?  I don't know.  But I get an idea in my head of the boot I want, and I will search every damn shoe store in Chicago trying to find this imaginary boot that I've made up.  Actually, sometimes I find it.

Anyway, right now I can feel myself heading into a shopping binge.  I haven't bought any new clothes since early May, right before I went on the cruise.  I think I easily dropped $1000 then buying dresses, shorts, t-shirts, swim suits, etc.  Now that I think of it, I probably dropped more than that.  But now I have the urge to shop again.  I find myself wearing the same outfits over and over again to work, because they are easy.  I need some new variety in my closet, I think.  (But really I kind of don't.  I already have a ton of stuff.  My friend J has volunteered to come over and go through my closet to help me put together outfits, and I think I might take him up on it.  An outside opinion on the situation might be nice...)    

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