Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Lawyer for Lindsay

Well, Shawn Chapman-Holley has smartly bailed from all the Lohan chaos.  I surprised she didn't resign sooner.  An attorney of her caliber shouldn't have to deal with a client who just doesn't appear to listen or take any responsibility or listen to your advice.  It's just not worth it, no matter how much you are billing and how much money you are making.  As an attorney, it can be very difficult to deal with an out of control client.  In fact, at my firm, before we take a case we make sure to meet with the client in person in order to deduce the potential crazy levels.  But sometimes you just can't tell.  One day your client is a dream, the next they are foolishly turning down a $2 million dollar settlement offer or babbling on at length about completely irrelevant (but potentially damaging) issues during a deposition.  However, dealing with patent law, I don't usually get clients who rise to the level of Lindsay Lohan crazy.

And Lindsay has apparently now hired a woman named Tiffany Feder-Cohen, who was admitted to the bar in November of 2009.  Eight months ago.  Now I really can't wait to watch the next hearing live on TMZ.  Something is seriously wrong when a "celebrity" such as Lindsay Lohan has to retain an attorney who has been practicing law all of 8 months.  One would think there would be lawyers pounding down Lindsay's door to represent her, for the publicity alone.  But then again, maybe Holley quit because Lohan couldn't pay her.  Most lawyers I know do not like to work for free.  Or maybe word has gotten around that Lindsay is an impossible client to deal with, so all the big wigs just said no.  I don't think this is the first time Lindsay has changed lawyers, if I'm remembering things correctly.

Tiffany Feder-Cohen apparently runs her own firm, which does not have a web page, only a Facebook page, so I don't know any more about her or her firm than that.  But let me just say this:  new attorneys know absolutely nothing about practicing law, much less standing in front of a court and making a coherent argument.  I'm not bashing anyone here - I was there once, too.  Law school doesn't prepare you for practicing law.  Practicing law is scary.  It's doubly scary when yoru client is asking (or causing) you to do things that are inappropriate or unethical, such as lying to a Judge.  And if Cohen tries to appeal Judge Revel's sentence, she's going to get laughed out of the court room.  I certainly hope she realizes that.  Maybe I'm not giving her enough credit, but when you have an esteemed attorney like Shawn Chapman Holley walking away from the situation, perhaps that should raise a few red flags.  I have a feeling all of this is not going to end well.

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