Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

1.  I am so burnt out.  I go through these phases at work sometimes where everything feels like such a chore, particularly things that I have to do over and over again in every lawsuit.  Although each case is factually different, in patent litigation nothing procedurally ever changes.  Complaint, Answer, Scheduling Conference, Claim Construction, Markman Hearing, Claim Charts, Invalidity Charts, Interrogatories, Documents, Reviewing Documents, Privilege Log, Subpoenas, Depositions, Expert Reports, Expert Depositions, Dispositive Motions, Pre Trial Order.  Usually settlement falls in there somewhere and the process comes to a halt at some point.  But it's the same issues, same defenses, sometimes a reexamination request and motion to stay, but rarely does anything unique get tossed into the mix.  It just gets tedious at times.  I don't have any vacation planned in the near future, so I'm not quite sure what to do to get myself out of this funk.  Usually it passes.  It doesn't help that it's been hot and humid here for the past week. 

2.  On the upside, no ants and no drainflies.  Better news, the drain flies were not coming from anywhere in my house.  (All I can say is Thank God they didn't lay eggs in one of my drains!)  I spotted one tonight, but I have no clue how they are getting in my house.  That will be the next task.

3.  One of my neighbor's friends got mugged -- hit over the head and her purse stolen -- on July 2 right down the street from where I live.  I'm disturbed by this because my neighborhood is pretty safe when it comes to  violent attacks, at least as safe as you can be in a city.  We get burglaries and things like that, but no one usually gets hurt.  Why do people do things like this to other people?  I would just like to pass this message on to anyone who is thinking of mugging me:  "I will gladly give you my purse; just please don't hit me in the head." 

4.  I caught on some DVRing over the weekend and late last night.  The Glades is a new show on A&E, and it's House Where House is a Police Officer But Not as Clever as House.  It was all right, but I'll watch another episode or two before I make final judgment.  You're Cut Off was unbelievably annoying and full of shouting and screaming.  Not enjoyable to watch.  True Blood is moving along as slow as molasses.  Nothing ever happens until the last five minutes.  And Chad Ochocinco has a dating show on VH1.  I watched it, because I find something kind of cute about the way he changed his last name to 8 5 in Spanish.  (Not eighty five, eight five.)  Ha!  Unfortunately, his show is not nearly as trashy as most of the VH1 love shows, so I'm not sure I'll be tuning in on a long term basis.  I mean, if you are going to do a dating reality show, at least make it trashy.  It's no fun to see girls who don't drink or make fools of themselves all in the name of love.    

5.  I still haven't gotten my Chicago "Scam" City Sticker for my car!  I keep forgetting about it...and the city never mailed me my renewal form, so I need to figure out a way to do it online without my renewal information. 

6.  Thanks to My Milk Glass Heart for the shout out!  You've reminded me that I need to start linking up to more of the blogs I read -- and also stop reading so many law related blogs!        


  1. Do you read Counterfeit Chic? It's right up your alley. SHe doesn't update frequently though.


    Oh, and the "drain flies"... they're probably fruit flies hatching on any fresh fruit you bring into your home. Wash all your fruit and vegies really well as soon as you get them in.

  2. They are definitely drain flies, based on my Internet research and viewing of fly pictures. Haven't seen any today, though. So that's good. And I love Counterfeit Chic, although she doesn't update nearly often enough!

  3. I have never heard of drain flies before! Blech!