Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Since When Can Sookie Kick Some Ass?

I've previously written about my utter hatred for Sookie on True Blood.  I'm sorry to say that my hatred has only grown through the first four episodes of Season 3.  (I haven't watched the latest episode yet.)  In last week’s episode of True Blood, which was called 9 Crimes, Sookie told Alcide’s sister Janice (who was giving her a Sandy from Grease bad girl makeover) that “I want to look like I can kick some serious ass. Which I can!”

This is confusing to me. When has Sookie ever shown that she can kick some serious ass? This is the entire problem with the characterization of Sookie. We get told over and over again how wonderful she is, how tough she is, and now that she can kick ass, but the show never backs up the dialogue with actions or proof of any of it. In fact, the storylines to this point actually refute that she can kick ass.

Let’s review:

Season 1: Sookie is attacked by the Rattrays and is saved by Bill. Sookie is attacked by Malcom, Diane, and Liam and is saved by Bill. Sookie is attacked by Jerry and is saved by Bill. Sookie is attacked by Longshadow and is saved by Bill. Sookie is attacked by Rene and is saved by Bill and Sam. (To be fair, on the last one she did hit Rene with the shovel, but only after Rene was distracted by Bill and Sam.)

Season 2: Sookie is attacked by the Maryann creature and is saved by Bill. Sookie is captured and held hostage in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun church, then later is attacked by Gabe and is saved by Godric. After Luke attempts to blow up Godric’s nest, Eric protects Sookie. Sookie is attacked by Maryann and is saved by Sam and Bill.

Season 3: Sookie is saved from werewolves by both Eric and Alcide.

So, tell me when exactly has Sookie shown that she is capable of kicking any ass? Huge portions of her storylines have been based upon her getting attacked by someone or something, and then being rescued by – usually – Bill. She has never shown any capability of kicking ass. Generally, she runs away.

And now in Season 3, she is inexplicably running all over the place with the intent of saving Bill from the werewolves. Werewolves who she has already proven herself unable to defeat by herself.  And dude, Sookie, in case you've forgotten:  Bill is a Vampire!  He can probably take care of himself.  She is also continuing to try to find and save Bill even though hespecifically told her he didn’t want to be found. Like most women, Sookie completely ignored what he was telling her, and jumped to the conclusion that he must be under duress or some other mind fantasy.

I don’t know why I continue to watch this show, since this character infuriates me so much. In a way, the characterization reminds me of Lana Lang’s characterization in Smallville. We got a lot of talk about the greatness, but the character’s actions never lived up to the hype. I know everyone thinks Anna Paquin is wonderful and all, but how about actually giving this character some depth through actions and a decent storyline?

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