Friday, July 16, 2010

Speaking of Which...Eminem

I got into a fight with my mom over the weekend about Eminem. 

Yes, Eminem.  She found his new CD in my sister's car (note:  my sister is also an attorney), and she was very upset.  She told me "I can't believe my daughter who has a law degree spends money on this trash!"

I was quiet for a second, then I had to tell her the truth.  Although I don't have the new CD, I have all of his other CDs (in full) in my iTunes. 

She Was Horrified.  "He is trash, he beats his wife, he took a gun into a bar...."  and on.

I agree he's not terribly upstanding.  But I know that he donates a lot of money to the school district where his daughter goes to school (because I have friends who teach there), and let's be real -- he's a white guy who broke into the rap world with much success, so I give him some credit there.  And I like some of his songs quite a bit.

My mom didn't buy any of my arguments.  God, she was so shocked.  She was so horrified.

The conversation ended because I just cut it off and said "let's not discuss this, okay?"  And she agreed.  But wow, I had no idea my mom was so against Eminem.  Learn something new everyday, I guess. 

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