Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And Some Randoms...on Television Shows

1.  I love Project Runway, and I severely hate Gretchen right now.  God, could she be anymore obnoxious and egotistical?  While I have to admit that she has shown a lot of variety and talent (a dress, a pant/jumpsuit, and a skirt/jacket/top), she is just being such an ass to the other designers.  Her edit makes me suspect that they are setting her up for a big fall.

2.  Last night's True Blood was fabulous because there was very little Sookie.  It's amazing how great the show can be when it focuses on Eric, Russell, Sam, and Jason.  Keep it up.  No Sookie.  Or Bill.  And cut it out on the Tara, because I hate her, too.

3.  I'm watching Jersey Shore this season again.  I can't help it, but The Situation and Pauly D are hilarious.  The rest of them can go off into oblivion, but these two guys have got something special.  Their comments, facial expressions, and attitudes keep me coming back.  The rest of them (particularly Sammi and Ronny, who completely suck the life out of the show) can go away now.

4.  I keep watching The Glades, and I don't know why.  I think it's gotten better -- or at least the lead actor's gotten better at disguising his Australian accent.  Anyway, it's all right, but it's still getting there.  It could be good.

5.  Meanwhile, I love The Gates.  A nice supernatural show with some mystery, it's good.  But it has low ratings, so we'll see what happens to this one.  This is why I rarely watch shows until they make it past season 1.  The networks cancel them before they have any chance to catch on.  But, this is a good one if you like the supernatural type stuff.    

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