Friday, August 20, 2010

Can You Say Number 1 Draft Pick?

I drew the first draft pick in my Fantasy Football League at work.  We don't have the type of league where you get to keep players from the previous year, so it is all from scratch.

The number one pick is both awesome and burdensome.  I can pick any player in the entire league that I want, and everyone has something to say about who that player should be.  Don't waste it on a QB.  It's got to be a RB or a WR.  But which one?  How is the depth for the RBs and WRs?  I won't get another pick until the order works its way down to the bottom and back up, so this pick is important. 

The prime choices are either Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson.  I think I'm leaning toward Adrian Peterson.  Although Chris Johnson had a great year last year, Adrian Peterson seems to be consistently good year after year and has more experience, and with Chester Taylor going to Chicago, he might have the ball even more this year.  Then again, Chris Johnson is younger, has less fumbles lost, and also has potential to get the ball a lot this season.

I almost wish I had the number 2 pick, because then I could just choose the player the number 1 pick didn't take.  Almost.  Regardless of who I pick, the guys will all scream that I should've taken the other one.  And number 2 will get whoever I didn't pick.  I just hope I end up with a decent QB.  Last year I had Payton Manning, which worked out very well for me.   

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