Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lace and Lace II and Coincidences

Back in high school I was a voracious reader.  I read everything from the classics to the trashiest literature imaginable.  It was the trashy stuff that caught my attention the most, from Sidney Sheldon (my favorite was If Tomorrow Comes) to Judith Krantz (Scruples) to Jackie Collins (Lucky).  Pure trash, but highly entertaining.  One of the other books I really liked was Lace and its sequel Lace II.  This is the one with the infamous scene in the mini-series where Phoebe Cates asks "Which one of you bitches is my mother?"  Deliciously trashy.  I hadn't thought about these books in years.

So, earlier this week I was watching Monk and decided to look up Tony Shaloub on Wikipedia.  This led to finding out that he was married to Brooke Adams, who starred in the miniseries Lace.  And I began to think about the books.  I get nostalgic about books sometimes, particularly books like Lace that I recall reading multiple times.  I could still picture the cover of the book -- light pinkish purple satin with a silver tray.  Once the book got into my head, I couldn't shake it.  I wanted to read it again.  So, I ran down to the basement to make sure I didn't still have it.  (I have been known to buy books more than once on accident.)  Alas, it must've gotten given away during one of my moves.  And while I wanted to read it again, right then I wasn't much in the mood to hop on eBay to find a used copy.  I just wasn't that desperate for it once I thought about it more.

Fast forward to today.  I took a walk over to the White Elephant resale shop, which is one of my favorite treasure places.  I had actually forgotten about my desire for Lace, even though the entire above incident happened just a few days ago.  So, as I was wandering the book aisles looking for something new to read, guess what I found?

Lace and Lace II, right next to each other among the paperbacks.  For $1 each.  Was someone looking out for me?

I snatched them up and stacked them underneath Augusten Burroughs' Dry, which I had also found.  (Yes, I was admittedly a bit embarrassed to be buying them -- well, maybe more embarrassed at my excitement to be buying them.)

It's really strange sometimes how things happen.  All evening I've been getting back into the story of Pagan, Kate, Judy, and Maxine.  Good times.  I think I'm going to reread Lucky next, which during my search for Lace I found out that I still have in my book collection.                  

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