Monday, August 30, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Likes Very Dark Chocolate

In the "More Now!" section of September's issue of More magazine, there is the following quote:
"Chocolate.  Very, very dark chocolate."  -- Nancy Pelosi, on how she survived the health care overhaul.
I'm going to assume she is speaking about food, and is not referring to some hot young black guy.  I absolutely hate reading comments like this from women in powerful positions.  I know I'm supposed to find it humorous and feel a kinship with her and think "Oh, Nancy Pelosi eats chocolate when she's stressed, too!"  But, I don't.  While it's funny on The Closer, in real life it sounds kind of pathetic coming from a woman who is probably a size 2, is the current Speaker of the House of Representatives, and is second in line to the Presidency.  Like many of the comments made by Nancy Pelosi, it not only rings false, it seems like such a blatant effort to attempt to connect to the everyday woman.  

Can you imagine a male Congressman or Senator saying something like this?  The only person I could possibly see saying something like this is Joe Biden, but I'm not sure that's a compliment.  

But heck, what do I know?  Maybe she was secretly pigging out on chocolate during the entire nine months the health care debate was happening.    


  1. A female comedian I follow on Twitter mentioned something like this berating the other female comedians for always talking about chocolate. That it's B.S.

    I hate NPR but turned it on one day to try and give it another chance. The two women who were supposed to be talking about politics were discussing Hillary Clinton's fashion choices. I was so infuriated!

  2. Yes! So much discussion about the fashion choices of the female politicians, and ranking who is the best dressed and on and on. Drives me crazy. No one ever talks about the men's ties or suits!