Friday, August 20, 2010

Some Random Thoughts on August 20

1.  I've had my iPhone since Fall 2008 and am only updating the software for the second time tonight.  Yes, I never updated to the new and improved software.  Ridiculous, right?  I only decided to do it now because I found out that now you can actually group like applications together, and I need that for all my news apps.  I just don't care that much about having the latest and greatest.  Maybe the reason I never did it is because it is taking so freaking long.

2.  My youngest sister is coming out next week to visit, and my brother is coming out the second week in September.  I'm super excited to see them both, but it will be the first time they are seeing my townhouse (that I bought last August -- hey, I closed a year ago yesterday, so happy anniversary to me!), and it's so hard to explain to people who don't live in the city how much it costs to buy a decent place that is (1) near the train and restaurants and bars and stuff; but (2) not too close to the train because you don't want to hear it right in your ear; and (3) close enough to downtown that you don't have a long commute.  My sister gets it more than my brother.  He lives in the 'burbs in Cincinnati, and I paid double what he did for his huge McMansion complete with pool.  I know he's going to think this place is tiny for what I paid (is 1800sf tiny?), when it really isn't in terms of city living and my awesome location.

3.  I have one week to get my butt over to Sephora to get my free birthday gift.  I have to do it, because God knows I deserve it, based on what I've spent there over the past year.

4.  I wish I had a personal assistant to deal with all the bullshit.  Things like booking doctor's appointments (because I would go if they were on my calendar), sitting at my house to wait for the plumber to come, picking up new pantyhose when I am too lazy to do laundry, getting me bread and milk, scraping off the previous city sticker from my windshield so I can put a new one on, and making sure my flowers get watered.  I'm capable of doing all of these things, of course, but I'm just tired and don't feel like it.  I could also have my secretary at work do some of this, but I don't think it's cool to have a secretary do personal things, so I don't do it, even though some partners do.

5.  I just realized that I still have not heard from the girl who lost her keys -- keys which I have sitting on my counter.  Strange.  I will call her one more time tomorrow, even though I already left a message with my phone number and address, and if I don't hear from her then, I'm done.  I shouldn't have to stalk someone to get them to come pick up their keys -- which, by the way, is a massive keychain with numerous keys and the mini cards for CVS, Binny's, etc.  I would think she would want these back.  And for God's sakes, I'm her neighbor, so I'm not like some random on the street calling her.  People are so strange.  I can't imagine why she hasn't come by or called me.

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