Friday, August 20, 2010

Step it Up, Peach! Project Runway

I'm partial to Peach Carr on Project Runway, since she is representing Chicago.  Well, Lake Forest, IL, a northern suburb of Chicago, but beggars can't be choosers, as they say.

Plus, Peach seems like a sweet person, the other designers seem to like her, and she seems to know how to construct clothing.

That said, I would have put her in the bottom three after this week's Philip Treacy "hat" challenge.  The skirt and top Peach designed had no relation to the awesome hat she had.  I thought her hat was the best of the bunch, yet she sent something down the runway that had absolutely no relation and no cohesiveness with that hat.  It was bizarre, the pink and white patterned top (with ruffle) and skirt she sent down, in association with that fabulous black and white hat.  One could argue that was the point, although, after watching Peach flounder with designs and styling over the first three episodes, I think it was dumb luck (and horrible designs from other contestants) that kept her safe.

The fact is, Peach has designed either a sleeveless dress or a sleeveless top/skirt combo in a patterned fabric for all four of the challenges thus far.  Peach, this doesn't work for Project Runway!  You need to show some variety, some risk, some edge.  Everyone knows that sleeveless dresses and tops and skirts are the easiest thing to make.  That's why we see so many dresses on Project Runway.  While I don't mind her designs (and would wear some of them), and Lilly Pulitzer has made a career out of similar designs, I fear that Peach will not be among the Project Runway cast for long if she keeps this up.  It's only a matter of time until Michael Kors or Nina Garcia informs her how boring and predictable she is. 

What's most shocking is that in Peach's bio she identifies Valentino, Steve McQueen, and Balenciaga as her favorite designers.  What she's shown us so far could not be farther from any of their designs.  Peach, take some inspiration from some of their crazy designs and do something different.  How about a jacket?  Pants?  A shirt with sleeves?  Come on, I know you can do it.  Just step away from the Lake Forest country club set you are used to designing for and free yourself!  I'm rooting for you!   

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