Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Your Purses Really Do Get Bigger As You Get Older

Well, the title says it all.  Why is this?

When I was in my teens and twenties, I was always drawn to smaller purses.  Those were what I liked.  The big purses were just too much room that would just be filled up with receipts and crap that got tossed in, and because there was so much room, I would never clean out my purse or notice it, and by the way, big purses were for moms.  This was before the big purse trend got started with the Olsen twins and other celebrities.  No one carried big purses.  There was simply no need.   

But now, for some strange reason, I need all that room.  The first truly high end designer purse I bought for myself was a Louis Vuitton Batignolles.  It cost me $550 -- a fortune.  At the end of my first year at my law firm, back in 2004, my big boss gave me two $500 gift cards to Saks, and that is what I chose to spend part of it on, at the Louis Vuitton counter at Saks on Michigan Avenue.  My youngest sister was with me, and she was shocked -- abhorred -- that I was spending so much money on a purse.  But let me tell you, I wanted that purse more than anything.  I just now looked at Louis Vuitton's website, and I don't even see that they sell this bag anymore.  It is similar to the Batignolles vertical, but the handles are top handles.  So, not the Batignolles horizontal, not the Batignolles vertical, just the Batignolles.  At any rate, it is smaller than both of the current Batignolles that are on sale.

Since then, I've expanded my Louis Vuitton collection by quite a bit -- Vuitton is by far my favorite purse brand, and I've got a lot to show for it in my closet upstairs.  I don't even want to begin the Vuitton count, because I'll start calculating the cost and be truly horrified.  I've also got a Fendi embroidered magic bag (that I bought after a particularly tough deposition in New York), a Versace (that I spent $1200 on while in New York with my mom, which led to my debit card being cut off because they thought it had been stolen, and all of the drama that ensued there, which I will leave for another time), a Gucci, and a whole bunch of Christian Diors (one which I got for $75 on eBay, which has been authenticated by the Dior counter at Saks as real; another that I bought in Las Vegas after winning big on the slots; and others).  I also rather like Coach leather purses (not the ones with all the "C" crap on them), so I have quite a few of those as well.  And many you can see, one of my big things is purses.  Hey, they always fit.  Maybe if I get bored one day, I will photograph my purse collection for this blog.

At any rate -- not to get off on a tangent here -- I've been carrying the Batignolles for the past couple of months, and I've found that it is just too small.  This is not a particularly small bag.  I would label it medium sized.  I love it, and it's cute, despite the small oil stain on the top leather that happened when I toured a gold mine, also with my mother, but it's just too darn small for me now.  Since there is no zipper at the top, my crap is always falling out of it.  I've had to switch back to my Tipoli PM for my everyday purse, and even with that...I'm now wondering if I should have bought the Tipoli GM, which is much, much bigger.

Why am I carrying so much more crap now?

The only reason I can think of is that now that I'm older (or maybe just because I'm a lawyer), I always plan for the worst.  What if I get stuck somewhere, on the train, or in traffic?  I need my iPod and a book.  What if my eyes dry out?  I need eyedrops.  What if I get really sweaty?  I need blotters and/or powder.  What if my eyeliner runs?  Need that.  What if I need more lipstick?  And if so, do I want lipgloss, light lipstick, or dark lipstick?  Better bring them all.  What if I get thirsty?  Need a bottle of water.  What if I get blisters?  Need Band-Aids.  What if I get a headache?  Need a bottle of Alleve.  What if my feet hurt?  Maybe I should bring a pair of ballerina slippers.  What if....and on, and on, and on.  It's just neverending.  And then there are the standbys that have to always fit, such as cigarettes and phone.  What if it's a long night?  Maybe I need two packs of cigarettes.  Better have some business cards on hand, because you never know who you might meet.  And coupons, what if we end up at restaurant X, Y, or Z?  Maybe I need my Binny's card.  Or my CVS card.  So many things can come up, and I just want to be prepared.  Jesus, how did I end up like this?

It's funny, because when I go out for the evening, I prefer not to carry a huge purse.  But now I find there are just so many things I feel I need to have with me (even though I never use them) it makes it an impossibility.  I haven't carried my cute as can be Vuitton fuschia perfo pochette in ages.  I need to carry that again, because it is so cute.  The problem is, it barely fits my phone and smokes, which absolutely have to fit.  Beyond that, it can fit one tube of lipstick, my ID, and a couple of credit cards.  Realistically, that's all I need to go out.  I know this.  So why do I feel I need to carry around so much extra crap?  Is this just what happens to you as you get older?      

All I can say is that I'm so glad my sister is expecting a girl, because God knows if I don't have any kids of my own I'm going to need someone to pass off all these "too small" designer bags to.  (Well, unless my sisters want them first!)

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  1. Ahahah! I carry Band-aids too!

    Oh, and I definitely survive JUST FINE when I take a clutch with me at night. Something about going out into the world during the day, makes you feel like you need to be prepared for anything.

    You have to take a pic of all these bags!