Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gloria Allred is Back at It: Meg Whitman's Maid

This whole Meg Whitman maid debacle is really confounding.

In short, her maid, Nicky, who was employed by her for nine years and fired in June 2009 has come forward seeking back pay and mileage that she asserts she was never given. Okay, fair enough. Yet her attorney, Gloria Allred, called a press conference to essentially discuss that Meg Whitman knew Nicky was here illegally, employed her regardless, and did nothing about it, like, say, report her to the government. The complaint hasn’t been filed, so I’m only going by what was stated in the press conference, but Allred did not say she was seeking any sort of wrongful termination claim. In short, this is a contract dispute along the lines of “you said you’d pay me for x, and you didn’t, so pay me.”

The press conference was bizarre. Allred started by reading a prepared statement, then Nicky gave a tearful account of how in 2009 she approached Whitman for assistance to become legal, and Whitman informed her that she couldn’t help, and essentially ended up firing her.

Here is the hypocrisy about the entire thing:

On one hand, Nicky is asserting that she was “exploited, disrespected, humiliated and emotionally and financially abused.” On the other hand, she was being paid $23.00 an hour. Minimum wage in California is $8.00 per hour. Frankly, it sounds like she was being paid pretty well. In documents released by Whitman, her “desired salary” was $25.00 an hour. She ended up getting fairly close to what she desired. Further, Nicky continued to work for Whitman for nine years and only left because she was fired. Was it all really that bad? If so, why did she stay so long? Why did she wait over a year to file a lawsuit? Allred brushed this off during questioning by the press, as basically it’s not easy for everyone to get a new job. Like, for example, when you are in the country illegally?

Nicky also asserts that Whitman knew about her illegal status and did nothing about it. Whitman has already fired back, releasing documents to TMZ that show that Nicky lied about being able to legally accept employment on her employment papers, submitted a social security card with her name on it, put that social security number on her W-2 and INS employment eligibility verification forms, and declared herself a “lawful permanent resident alien.” Technically, if Whitman knew about Nicky’s illegal status and did nothing, she allowed her nine extra years in this country. Is Nicky asserting that Whitman should have had her deported? This argument is just bizarre, and has zero to do with any back pay or mileage issues.

Part of Nicky’s own allegations rely on the underlying fact that Nicky falsely used someone else’s social security number and used a forged social security card. This is supported by the documents Whitman released. Is Nicky going to be prosecuted for that?

Nicky is also angry because supposedly in 2009 she approached Whitman and asked for her help to become legal. (There were lots of tears during this portion of her statement.) Oh, Meg Whitman is so mean. Why does Whitman owe her anything? She doesn’t. And why did Nicky take so long to try to become legal?

Allred’s view is that Nicky is “brave” and is speaking on behalf of all of the illegals out there who get taken advantage of on a regular basis. Oh, please. This entire sideshow is absurd. If Whitman has her deported, she is a bad guy because she is depriving her of the American dream. But if she employs her, she is also a bad guy. It’s a complete no win situation. And if it truly is merely a contract issue, there is no reason to murky up the waters with any of these illegal immigrant details unless it’s purely for political reasons.  It's a sideshow.  Strangely enough, Allred asserted during the press conference that Whitman must have no legal argument since she attacked Allred.  However, the same could be said for Allred's own position.  If your legal case is so strong, why the sideshow on the immigration issue?

So, my question is: When is ICE going to step in and take Nicky into custody, and when is she going to be charged with falsifying a social security number?

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