Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to Stop Transferring Your Wealth to the Wealthy: A Guide

I just love articles like this, titled "The 400 Richest Americans Get Richer This Year, As Most Americans Net Worth Tanked." The richest 400 Americans, per Forbes, keep getting richer, and people are angry!  How dare those rich people keep getting richer?

So, all right. Here is a partial list of things that everyday people can do to stop this outrage, and to prevent the transfer of their wealth to the wealthy.  This is my public service message:

1. Do not buy any products from Microsoft. After all, Bill Gates tops the list. Steve Ballmer is number 16 and Paul Allen is number 17.

2. Do not buy any products or services from Geico, Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, See’s Candies, Benjamin Moore, Business Wire, or Helzberg Diamonds. All these companies are 100% owned by Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffet is number two on the list.

3. Do not buy any products from Oracle. Larry Ellison is number three on the list.

4. Do not buy any products from Walmart. Various members of the Walton family are numbers 4, 7, 8, 9, and 136 on the list.

5. Do not buy Brawny paper towels, Angel Soft toilet paper, Quilted Northern toilet paper, Stainmaster carpet, or anything made of Lycra. The Koch brothers are numbers five and six on the list.

6. Do not get your news from Bloomberg News or any of the magazines it provides information to. Michael Bloomberg is number 10 on the list.

7. Do not use Google. Its founders, Larry Page and Sergey Bren are numbers 11 and 12 on the list. This also means you can’t use You Tube, since it is a subsidiary of Google. Other Google folks are at number 48.

8. Do not stay at the Venetian or the Sands in Las Vegas. Their founder, Sheldon Adelson, is Number 13 on the list.

9. Do not buy a Dell computer. Michael Dell is number 15 on the list.

10. Do not use Its founder, Jeff Bezos ,is number 18 on the list.

11. Do not use Cox Communications, Auto Trader, or listen to any of the radio stations owned by Cox. Anne Cox Chambers is number 19 on the list, and other folks from Cox are at 38

12. Do not go to Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA or to the Irvine Spectrum Center. These are owned by the Irvine Company, whose chairman Donald Bren is number 20 on the list.

13. Do not use Fidelity Investments. Its founder, Abigail Johnson, comes in at number 21. Other folks from Fidelity show up at number 33.

14. Do not buy anything from Nike. Its founder, Phil Knight, comes in at number 22.

15. Do not buy anything from Mars, Incorporated, including 3 Musketeers, Altoids, Bounty paper towels, Dove soap, M&Ms, Mars bars, Milky Way, Pedigree pet foods, Skittles, Snickers, Starburst, Twix, Wrigley brand gum, like Juicy Fruit, Doublemint, Big Red, Extra, and Orbit, and Lifesavers. Forrest Mars, Jr., John Mars, and Jacqueline Mars, grandchildren of the founder, are numbers 23, 24, and 25 on the list. See also William Wrigley, who is number 170.

16. Do not use Facebook. Its founder, Mark Zuckerberg is number 35. See also number 290 and 356, and 365.

17. Do not use Enterprise Rent a Car. Its founder, Jack Taylor, is number 37.

18. Do not get your news or buy or use anything from News Corp. Its chairman, CEO, and founder, Rupert Murdock, is number 38. This means, no books published by HarperCollins, no 20th Century Fox or Fox Searchlight movies, no television shows on any Fox channel, or news on any Fox channel, no television shows on the FX channel or the National Geographic channel, no sports on the Big Ten Network, and no use of Hulu or MySpace.

19. Do not buy Vogue, Vanity Fair, or The New Yorker. The CEO of Advance Publications, which owns Conde Nast Publications, publisher of all of these titles, is Samuel Newhouse, who comes in at 38. Other Newhouses are at 49.

20. Do not buy any Apple products or download any songs from iTunes. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, is number 42 on the list.

21. Do not use eBay. Its founder, Pierre Omidyar, is number 47 on the list.

22. Do not shop at H.E. Butt Grocery stores. Charles Butt, grandson of the founder and current CEO is number 48 on the list.

23. Do not shop at Menard’s. Its founder, John Menard, is number 51 on the list.

24. Do not shop at Meijer. Its chairman, Frederik G.H. Meijer, son of the founder, is number 57 on the list.

25. Do not buy any Ralph Lauren clothing, perfume, or home products. He is number 60. This also includes Club Monaco and Polo branded items.

26. Do not buy any Estee Lauder products. Her son, Leonard Lauder is number 66, and her other son Ronald Lauder is number 124.

27. No Patron tequilia. It’s co-founder, John Paul Jones DeJoria is number 66.

28. Don’t take a cruise on Carnival or any of its lines. Micky Arison, son of the founder, is at 69.

29. Do not buy a computer with an Intel chip. Its co-founder, Gordon Moore is number 88.

30. Do not watch or listen to anything with Dolby sound. Dolby Laboratories’ founder, Ray Dolby, is 85 on the list.

31. Do not buy or watch anything Star Wars or Indiana Jones related, or anything related in any way to George Lucas, or any movies put out by Lucasfilm Ltd. or Industrial Light and Magic. He is number 97 on the list.

32. Do not watch any Steven Spielberg movies. He is number 110 on the list.

33. Do not go to Discount Tire Company. Its founder, Bruce Halle is number 110 on the list.

34. Do not watch the Atlanta Braves games in person, or on television or buy any of their gear. Also, don’t watch the Starz, Encore, or QVC on cable. Don’t use Expedia, Sirius, or OpenTV. These are owned by Liberty Media, whose chairman is John Malone, and number 110 on the list.

35. Do not shop at Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Bodyworks, or Henri Bendel. The CEO of Limited Brands, Leslie Wexner, is 119 on the list.

36. Do not watch MTV, Comedy Central, Logo, BET, Nickelodeon channels, or VH1 networks. Also, do not see any movies from Paramount Pictures, Viacom, MTV, or Nickelodeon. Sumner Redstone’s company has a controlling stake in all of these, and he’s number 124. Also, do not watch CBS, CW, or Showtime, or purchase any Simon & Schuster books, because he’s also chairman of CBS.

37. Do not buy any Dole products. Its chairman of the board, David Murdock, is number 130.

38. Do not watch any games on television, attend any games live, or buy any gear for the following teams: Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rapids, Colorado Avalanche, or St. Louis Rams. Their owner, Stan Kroenke is number 130.

39. Stop watching the Oprah Winfrey Show and buying O magazine. Oprah is also number 130.

40. Don’t shop at Hobby Lobby. Its founder, David Green, is number 130.

41. Do not watch any games on television, attend any games live, or buy any gear for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their owner, Malcolm Glazer is number 136.

42. Do not shop at Best Buy. Its founder, Richard Schulze is number 144.

43. Do not watch any games on television, attend any games live, or buy any gear for the Dallas Mavericks. Its owner, Mark Cuban is number 144. Also, don’t go to any Landmark Cinemas because he also owns those, and don’t watch HDNet, because he is chairman over there.

44. Don’t buy Campbell’s soup. An heir is at 144 on the list. Also, this includes Pepperidge Farm, Prego, Swanson, Pace, and V8. See also number 332 and 365.

45. Don’t stay at any Hilton Hotels. William Hilton is number 144.

46. Don’t buy beanie babies. Ty Warner is number 153.

47. Stop watching The Apprentice. Also, don’t go to any Trump casinos or hotels. Donald Trump is number 153.

48. Do not watch any games on television, attend any games live, or buy any gear for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Its owner, Glen Taylor, is number 164.

49. Do not buy Cosmopolitan, O, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Popular Mechanics, Redbook, Seventeen, or Town & Country. Also, don’t read the Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, or The Advocate. And don’t watch A&E or ESPN. William Randolph Hearst III, director of the Hearst Corporation, is number 170. For good measure, many other Hearst folks are on the list at 221 and 224.

50. Do not watch any games on television, attend any games live, or buy any gear for the Boston Bruins. Delaware North Company’s Chairman and CEO, son of the founder, Jeremy Jacobs, is number 170, and owns this team. Additionally, the Delaware North Company runs the concessions at Boston Garden, Yosemite National Park, Kennedy Space Center, Grand Canyon National Park, Niagra Falls State Park, the stadiums where the following teams play: St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, Buffalo Bills, Boston Celtics, and Chicago Bears, and the following airports: Los Angeles International, Nashville International, Buffalo Niagra, and Detroit Metro. So don’t eat if you go to any of those places.

51. Don’t buy a Kohler faucet or anything else from Kohler. Herbert Kohler, President and Chairman, is number 182.

52. Don’t stay at Treasure Island in Las Vegas or go to Witchita Greyhound Park. The owner of both of these, Phil Ruffin, comes in at number 182.

53. Don’t buy Drano, Fantastik, Glade, Oust, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, Shout, Windex, Saran Wrap, Ziploc, OFF!, or Raid. Herbert Fisk Johnson III, heir and current CEO to SC Johnson & Sons is 182 on the list. Other heirs are also at the 182 spot.

54. Do not watch any games on television, attend any games live, or buy any gear for the Dallas Cowboys. Its owner, Jerry Jones, is number 182.

55. Don’t stay at the Wynn if you go to Las Vegas. Steve Wynn is number 205. See also 385.

56. Don’t buy Kendall-Jackson wine. Its founder, Jess Jackson, is number 217.

57. Do not ship your packages via Federal Express. Its founder, chairman, and CEO, Frederick W. Smith comes in at 218. Additionally, don’t go to Kinko’s, because FedEx owns them, too.

58. Don’t eat at Subway. Its founders Fred De Luca and Peter Buck round in at 221.

59. Don’t buy New Balance shoes. Its chairman, and the guy who brought them to prominence, Jim Davis, is number 222.

60. Don’t use Public Storage. Its founder and chairman, Bradley Hughes, rolls in at 238. See also 385.

61. Do not watch any games on television, attend any games live, or buy any gear for the Detroit Tigers or Detroit Red Wings. Their owner, Mike Illitch is number 238. He also owns Little Caesar’s Pizza and the Fox Theatre in downtown Detroit, so don’t go there either.

62. Do not buy any Marvel comic books, or anything else associated with Marvel Entertainment, like toys and films. Its CEO, Isaac Perlmutter, is number 250.

63. Don’t eat at Chick-fil-a. Its founder, S. Truett Cathy is number 252.

64. Don’t stay at the Marriott. The founder’s son is now running the place, and comes in at 266. See also number 269.

65. Do not watch any games on television, attend any games live, or buy any gear for the New England Patriots. Their owner, Robert Kraft, is number 269. Oh, and he also owns the Gillette Stadium, where they play, so don’t go there for anything else either.

66. Don’t buy Slim-Fast. Its founder, S. Daniel Abraham, comes in at number 269.

67. Stay away from Home Depot. Its co-founder, Bernard Marcus, is also number 269. See also number 332.

68. Do not watch any games on television, attend any games live, or buy any gear for the Houston Texans. Their owner, Bob McNair, is number 290.

69. Do not watch any games on television, attend any games live, or buy any gear for the Baltimore Ravens. Their majority owner, Steve Bisciotti, is number 308.

70. Don’t shop at Urban Outfitters. Its President and cofounder, Richard Hayne, rings in at 308.

71. Stop shopping at the Gap. Its founder’s son, John Fisher, is number 330.

72. Don’t use Yahoo. Its founders, Jerry Yang and David Filo, are number 356.

73. Do not watch any games on television, attend any games live, or buy any gear for the Washington Redskins. Their owner, Dan Snyder, is number 365. He’s also the owner of So You Think You Can Dance, the American Music Awards, the Academy of Country Music Awards, and the Golden Globe Awards, and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve. So don’t watch any of those either.

74. Don’t buy Albert Nipon, Anne Klein, Bandolino, Easy Spirit, Enzo Angiolini, Evan-Picone, Gloria Vanderbilt, Jones New York, Joan and David, Judith Jack, Kasper, Le Suit, Mootsies Tootsies, Nine West, Norton McNaughton, Sam & Libby, or Rachel Roy. Jones Apparel Group’s founder and chairman, Sidney Kimmel, is number 365.

75. Do not watch any games on television, attend any games live, or buy any gear for the New Orleans Saints. Their owner, Tom Benson, is number 382.

76. Don’t buy Hallmark cards. Its current chairman, Donald Hall, is number 385.

77. Do not watch any games on television, attend any games live, or buy any gear for the Philadelphia Eagles. Their owner, Jeffrey Lurie, is number 385.

78. Don’t buy any Ford vehicles. William Ford is the great grandson of founder Henry Ford and current executive chairman, and is also number 385.

If you do not want to redistribute your wealth to “the rich,” then follow the above 78 examples. And these are only examples. There are many other folks on the Forbes list who I did not research in depth to find out how you might best keep your wealth away from them. Heck, there are probably lots of rich people who didn't even make the Forbes list that you can stop giving your money to.  These are simply guidelines. With a little nose to the grindstone work of your own, maybe you can come up with more ideas.

I’m sure none of the people on the above list have any sort of payroll or employ anyone else, so when you start your boycott, I’m sure no one will be laid off for lack of demand, so don't worry about issues like those. Also, clearly they didn’t think of or produce any products or services that anyone would want to use, so this should be easy. You don’t need any of this stuff, do you? Also, once you find your new replacement product for all of the above, keep in mind that your new seller will likely also become wealthy at some point, since you and others like their product and are buying their product, so you will eventually have to leave them behind also, once they become the hated wealthy class. After all, it’s only fair, isn’t it? No one deserves to be rich or wealthy, even if they come up with a great idea that everyone wants to buy. Also, none of the people listed above give anything to charity. Nothing at all. If you believe that, I’ve got some great beachfront property to sell you in Omaha.

It all makes sense, doesn’t it?


  1. So good.

    I have mixed feelings about companies like Wal-Mart moving in and killing all the small business in small towns BUT regardless of it moving in or not, the people have a choice. It's like they want to simply live in ignorant bliss and keep the mere temptation away.

    Also to act like Target is any better is such a crock. It's the exact same concept, just prettier packaging and smarter product design.

    Anyone who is against any of these people's success is just scared of innovation taking away their archaic job. Those who stay in the same career their entire lives, never staying on top of new technology, taking classes, etc... they are the ones holding up progress.

  2. What's amazing is how many of these super rich people actually founded these companies. I have the utmost respect for all of them. Tons of businesses go under every year -- these are the ones that didn't. Why? Because they came up with an idea, and produce a product or service that people want at a price that people want to pay. Good for them. I happen to love my iPod and iPhone and have no trouble shoveling more money at Steve Jobs!

    It's so easy to just offer bare complaints about the "transfer of wealth" and about "the wealthy." But when push comes to shove, no one puts their money where their mouth is. There's a reason why companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook are so successful. People want their products. You could easy add many actors, directors, athletes, etc. to this list. (How many people went and saw Avatar, putting hundreds of millions in James Cameron's pocket?) If people are so mad, stop going to see their movies, watching their games, waiting in lines for new iPads, etc.

  3. I respect them too! They have lived the American dream! Who hasn't fantasized about that kind of success and wealth? They built a better mouse trap! Kudos to them!

  4. And I agree with you about Target v Walmart. People try to act like Target is so much better, but it is the same thing. And I hate when these big companies push out little companies...but...the fact is (and I am to blame as well) you go to what is convenient. We don't have Walmart here in Chicago, so I go to Target (maybe twice a year) or CVS (three to four times a week) to get what I need. I also go to Ulta for all of my personal maintenance needs, because I love what they offer and I don't want them to go out of business.

    I do make an effort to not go to big box stores, which is easier, since we just don't really have them. (Targets aren't super convenient for me, but when I don't go there, I do go to CVS, Walgreens, Dominicks, Jewel,....all big box stores, right?) I try to frequent the smaller party stores (sorry, Detroit term, convenience stores) around me as much as I can also. I go to Trader Joe's (but also a big co now), Whole Foods (ditto). I go to the farmer's markets in the summer to try to support the farmers. But, it is what it is. There are lots of party stores that have what you need, and if they do, they stay in business for the basics.

    I miss the smaller stores, but at the same time, it's nice to go to one place to get everything you need. It's a tough compromise. And much easier in a city environment like I am where I pop in and pick up a few things here and there. My mom, who lives in a 'burb, is always suspicious of the small places, because she is not used to them. It's just such a different way of life.