Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ignoring People on Facebook, and the Rules Involved

Ignoring people is hard for me.  I just feel bad.  But, I have a rules about accepting Facebook friends, which are:

1.  Do I know you?  If yes, accept, possibly, pursuant to the below.  If no, Ignore.  No problem here.

2.  Are you someone from my graduating class in high school?  Even if we weren't good friends, or barely knew each other, I'll likely accept your request.  My class was only like 130 people, so no big deal.  And I guess in some sense of the word, we have a bond.  I didn't really have any enemies in my class in high school, so it's all good.

3.  Are you someone from some other graduating class in my high school who (a) never spoke to me; or (b) made fun of me?  I don't understand these friend requests.  We weren't friends then, why the hell would I want to be your friend now?  These require some consideration, i.e. seniors when I was a freshman who would've had no reason to speak to me back then.  Sometimes I accept, sometimes I just ignore if I have no idea who they are.  You know, I can hold a grudge, or sometimes I don't really care.

5.  Are you someone who was friends with one of my siblings, yet haven't friended them, yet are trying to friend me?  Ignore.  If you can't be bothered to friend my sibling who you were allegedly friends with, why do you want to be my friend?

6.  Are you someone I was friends with in undergrad?  Accept.

7.  Are you someone I was friends with in law school?  Accept.

8.  Are you someone from law school who never had a conversation with me, who I suspect is trying to get in now that you found out through the grapevine that I am a partner?  Ignore.

9.  Are you a coworker?  Ignore.  And explain in person that I don't accept coworkers as friends.

10.  Are you a client?  Ignore.  And explain via phone or in person that I don't accept clients as friends.

11.  Are you a past coworker from my management consulting days?  Accept!

12.  Are you a family member?  Accept.

That's about it.  I had to ignore a guy tonight, which is what brought this on.  I know I went to high school with him and he wasn't in my class, but I have absolutely no clue who he is or any memory of ever interacting with him.  So why would I want to be friends with him now?  The whole Facebook thing, while nice, is truly strange.  Maybe I should be more open, but I tend to be a little gunshy about who I let into my Facebook account.


  1. I can't stand Facebook. I hate it and avoid it at all costs and really want to delete my account but still like being able to be nosy when I'm in that kind of mood.

    It all went to hell when the bf's family started friending me. Oh, and don't you love it when ex's send you a request? Has everyone lost their mind?

  2. exes, not ex's
    I'm a spazz tonight

  3. Love your blog. :) I had a girl who loathed me in high school (very mutual feeling) send me a FB friend request. I am still baffled. And although I accepted my husband's family's friend requests, I'm thinking of quietly deleting them from my friends list. They'll never notice and even if they do I can say, "Huh, I wonder how that happened?"

  4. I actually really like Facebook because it is such an easy way to stay in contact with people, but I sometimes feel like it's a huge competition to see how many friends you can acquire. I just don't care! And I definitely don't care what my exes are up to!

    And heh, I've thought about quietly deleting people also.