Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Thoughts on 9/16

1.  The Gucci beltbag was a big hit with my mom.  She loved it!  She also encouraged me to buy one...I will, soon.  I can't even express how happy I am that she liked it.  It's kind of a weirdo gift, but I thought she might like it.  And she did.  Yay! 

2.  I'm going to start Ahmad Bradshaw over Joseph Addai in my Fantasy league this week. Fuck it.  I won last week, so let's just get a little crazy and bring on the 2-0 record.  Surely the Giants are going to bring out their running game after Arian Foster's performance against the Colts last week.

3.  I'm still having nightmares this week over Robin's house on Hoarders.  And Matt Paxton (who I totally love) on the A&E message boards says her house was "easy" compared to some we will see later in the season!  I'm not sure I can cope with this, honestly.  And I'm not sure I like the new "two episodes in a row" format.  It's just too much to handle all at once.

4.  When I was out smoking today at work, I saw a woman (a large, very large woman) out there, and she had a hole (noticeably large) in the shoulder seam of her shirt.  I couldn't decide if I should tell her or not.  If she already knew, that would be embarrassing for her.  But if she didn't know, then that would be maybe okay.  I couldn't decide, so I said nothing.  I never know how to handle these types of things.

5.  The doormen at my building at work can be quantified as follows:  (1)  the "smile and show me your dimples" guy; (2) the "share your lunch with me" guy; (3) the "no matter how many times I see you you still need to show me your building badge" guy; (4) the "hello, how are you" and "let me scream your name across the massive lobby" when I see you guy; and (5) the "I'm going to tell [the founding partner of your firm] you are out smoking" guy.  I hate them all.  And for the record, no one at my firm cares if I go out for a smoke.

6.   Oh yeah, and doorman number (4) above?  Bought me a huge painting when I moved into my new place.  Huge.  As in about 24" x 36".  Out of the blue, and without any instigation.  He bought me a painting.  This was possibly one of the most bizarre things of my entire life.  He told me it was a housewarming gift.  (I guess I told him in passing that I bought a place.)  Seriously, what the fuck?  Who does this?  I mean, my closest friends just bought me wine.  It was a nice painting, I like it, and it is hanging in my dining room as we speak, but, seriously, weird.  All the guys at the office now tease me about this.  I don't even know how to act around him now.  It's just so strange.

7.  My brother called me today (he was here Monday/Tuesday) specifically to tell me that he was "proud of me" and "so impressed with where I work and what I've done."  (He visited my office for the first time when he was here.)  I almost broke out into tears when he told me this.  You see, my brother -- my twin -- and I were hugely competitive growing up, and he could've done everything I did and more.  He is, in fact, much smarter than I am.  But, he chose a different road.  He didn't go to college.  And he is hugely excelling at what he does, despite that he didn't go to college.  I mean, he is awesome at what he does.  I can't even begin to explain how talented he is, and actually, how much he is meant to be doing what he is doing.  We just chose different roads.  He has four kids, I have none.  He is in manufacturing, I am in an office. touched me greatly that he specifically called me to say that, because we've never been close (although I go on vacation with him and his family every year and do all kinds of things for his kids), and I always felt like he kind of resented me or something, because I took a different path and was always "the good kid."  So, this call from him was awesome.  I'm not sure why, but for some reason I always felt guilty around him for being the kid that got the straight As and followed the standard path, while he was out there fucking around and being an idiot, when he had every opportunity to go the same path that I did.  He's got it together now, big time, and I am also so proud of him.  Many people have the knowlege and skill that I do -- but not many at all in this day in age in manufacturing in the U.S. have his skills.  He is a diamond.  I told him that after he complimented me.  I'm so proud of my brother.  He can fix, build, or calibrate any machine on earth.  This guy can do calculus without ever even taking a class in it.  He is amazing.

8.     Speaking of which, despite an alcoholic father and a divorce, all of us kids turned out just fine.  Me and my younger sister have law degrees, my brother is at the top of his field, despite no degree, which he didn't need, since he is so freaking smart naturally, and our youngest sister is a super hard worker, and has finally realized that she doesn't want to be a waitress forever, so she is in nursing school.  Let me say, with an alcoholic parent, and my dad was bad, hallucinations and fucked up shit and all, you deal with some screwed up stuff.  But, we all made it through, and made it through pretty well.  We are all high achievers, and I attribute that both to my mom and dad.  My dad was a high achiever until alcohol got the better of him, but even while on the booze, he never expected less than the best from us.  I don't know.  No one has a perfect childhoold, right?  You just have to push on and do it.  The past is the past.

9.  I have this dream of starting a Twitter account called "Shit My Secretary Says," you know, like that guy who did the one about his dad who now has the TV show about it.  Unfortunately, I'm too nice.  You see, my secretary doesn't know how ridiculously dumb she is or how stupid the stuff she says is.  If it were my mom or my sibling, I would totally do it.  My fear is that if I did it with respect to my secretary that it would blow up and ultimately expose her, and I would never want to do it, because she is unintentionally dumb.  She tries hard, but there is just very little up in the brain cavity. And she is a super sweet person, so I would never want to embarrass her like that.  But wow, do I have the stories on this.

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