Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Thoughts on 9/2

1.  My ex boyfriend's birthday is today!  Why is it that I remember all of my exes birthdays?  I guess I'm just a super sweet girl.

2.  The key drama is -- I think -- resolved.  After leaving two voicemails for this chick over the past three weeks with my cell number, work number, and address, she finally responded on Tuesday evening.  On my work number, at 7:30 p.m., asking me to drop them off or get back to her that evening.  At times I am at work that late.  I wasn't that particular night.  Why in the hell didn't she call my cell?  And her message was kind of, oh, shall we say, shitty?  "I would really like my keys back."  Oh. My. God.  I told you where I lived, what my cell number was, what my work number was, and you are insinuating that I am the one keeping you from your keys?  Oh, hell no.  I live TWO DOORS DOWN from her.  (Which I knew, but I didn't know the last name, so I couldn't just dump them in her mailbox.)  So, Wednesday morning, when I got the message, I called her immediately, got her voicemail, and left a message that I would just put them in her mailbox (she told me the mailbox name and all that in her shitty voicemail) when I got home from work.  So I did so, and I'm done.  What a bitch.  You know, I could've just tossed those keys in the trash. 

3.     There is this lady by the Washington-Wells brown line stop this week who is begging for change, while at the same time singing "Born in the USA."  Not the Bruce Springsteen version, but just "Born in the U.S.A."  It's kind of funny, because she's dressed well and doesn't look particuarly desperate, yet she's got a cardboard cup out and is asking for money.

4.    I don't live in a doorman building anymore because I hate having to make conversation with the doormen.  I just hate it.  Particularly when I have to do it at work every day, because we have doormen.  And they are always like "smile,"  "don't smoke," "how are you," "you gonna bring me some lunch too," etc.  I fucking hate it.  I wish they would just leave me alone most of the time, because usually I'm just focused on getting lunch to eat at my desk or having a quick smoke.  Stop bothering me!

5.  I feel kind of bad because my roomate from college texted me a few weeks ago, wondering if she could come out to Chicago for Labor Day weekend.  (Note:  she was here twice last fall.)  I told her I'd get back to her.  I never did.  I had my sister out last weekend, my brother is coming in two weeks, and I just am in no mood to deal with guests.  Because guests require constant going here and there attention.  I just do not want to deal with it.  Even if I offered her a place to crash, she would try to convince me to go out and it would turn into a guilt trip.  I just want to be lazy this weekend.  So sue me.  So, no guests.  I'm sorry I live in such an awesome city.   


  1. This is great. There's an elderly grocery bagger at my local store and he just loves me. He always wants a hug and gives me a sloppy kiss on the cheek and then I stink of his old man cologne all damn day. It was cute at first but now I find myself avoiding him. There's also a doorman in my neighborhood who waves at me when I'm at the stoplight by his building. I've started going a different way!

    What the hell is wrong with us?

  2. I know! There's also a guy who sells the Sun Times at one of the intersections, and for some reason he always remembers me even though I rarely drive to work. And without fail, he asks me to bum a cigarette every time. I've started going a different, more inconvenient, way when I drive to work now.

    I don't know why I'm so antisocial sometimes!