Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Thoughts on 9/27

1.  My best friend since I was ten years old, C, lives 300 miles away, so I don't get to see her very often.  Her husband, who I have known for about fifteen years since they met back in undergrad, is coming to Chicago on Saturday for this event on Saturday night.  C is staying home with their son (and is very happy about it, since she has no interest in this event, nor do I, but she is happy to pawn him off on me.)  The plan was for him to stay at my place, obviously.  He wants me to go with him, which is fine, because he's a great deal of fun, even though this is not the type of thing I would ever choose to go to, and I'm still a little unsure about going to it.  And I'm kind of obligated to go.  It is what it is.  We discovered (after I researched all this, because while I love him, he's not much of a planner) that this event is actually in the 'burbs.  And not the close 'burbs, but the far 'burbs, as in about 45 miles away from where I live.  So, we all decided that he and I would just get a hotel room out there, so we can drink and have fun and not have a long drive home.  It's kind of hilarious to get a text message from your best girlfriend saying "I booked the hotel room for you and [my husband.]"  Most women might get a little weird about something like that, but not C!  Not like she has any reason to worry or anything, but I just found it kind of hilarious.  She is the best.  And she does not want him to have to go alone, so I am taking one for the team and going with him.  I will likely discuss this event after it happens, because I know there is going to be a boatload of things to talk about.  It is that kind of event.   

2.  Would the wide receivers on my Fantasy Football team please start putting up some points?  Jesus.  I got a big fat goose egg out of all three this week, due to the crazy scoring in my league.  Sims-Walker, Ochocinco, and Colston:  I'm talking to you.  Need touchdowns.  And I lost this week because of that.  I'm 2-1 now, but still.  And unfortunately, I don't mind losing so much this week, because my opponent had Jay Cutler, and I'm so happy the Bears won!  So, it's fine.  I guess.  It was super close.  I should've played the Cowboys D and I would've won.  Oh well.  They've sucked it up so bad the past couple of weeks, so how was I to know they would actually pull out of their funk this week?   

3.  Hooray to see Matt Paxton back on Hoarders this week!  He is my favorite.  Vula tonight was awful.  I felt so bad for her sons.  My mom watches this show also, and I told her that if I ever see her pooping in a bag and throwing it in the corner that I am having her committed.  (She has no pets, so I don't have to worry about pet feces, thankfully.)  I have printed out and saved her e-mail response to that e-mail saying "Yes, commit me if I do that!"  Not that I think I will need it, but I have it for my records, just in case.

5.  I had to re-tire my car today.  As in, four new tires.  I got a flat on Friday, and researched Yelp (the best) as to where to take the tire to get it fixed, and found a good place.  In fact, a great place.  It was kind of funny, because the guy working there said "(sigh) You have three 2001 tires on your car and one 2006 tire and your spare is a 2001.  (sigh)  It's about that time."  Yeah, I couldn't really argue with that.  I knew I needed new tires.  He gave me four new ones in 45 minutes for $450.  Not bad.  I plan on getting a new car and "selling" (for $1) this one to my sister in the next four or five months, so I might as well take care of all the maintenance on it before I hand it off to her.  I will also take it to the dealer in the next six to eight weeks for the whole deal tuneup and such.  I like to do that before winter anyway, especially since this car is nine years old.  Then when shit starts to go wrong, she can't blame me.  I did my best.  And despite the tires, I really have taken good care of this car.  It's just when they say "Six years or 55,000 miles," you take that to heart.  My car only has 46,000 miles, so I thought I was okay.  But really?  It was time for new tires.  He was right.   

6.  I got a ticket for not having a front license plate.  When I moved here and registered my car, nine years ago, they only gave me one plate, which I put on the back.  I had previously lived in Michigan (a one plate state) and California (a two plate state, where they gave me two plates when I registered my car).  How was I to know I needed two when they only gave me one?  Did I have to ask for that?  Yes, I've seen cars with two plates -- in fact, all of them -- but why wouldn't they have given me two when I first registered my car here and got plates?  That's what they did in California.  It makes no sense.  And to get a new plate, I have to ask for a "replacement" and pay for a "replacement."  It is no "replacement" because they never gave me one in the first place.  I may go into court and fight this ticket.  I haven't decided yet.  It's $50.  But wouldn't it seem if you needed two plates by law that they would give you two when you first registered your car?

7.  Dexter is also back, so yay about that!  I love Michael C. Hall, but I hate Dexter's sister Deb, who is played by his real life wife.  Her swearing is out of control.  I mean, I have a potty mouth and so do a lot of people I know, but her character is out of control.  The f word without abandon.  It sounds so ridiculous.  Also, she looks disturbingly thin on the show.  Everytime I see her I just want to give her a cheeseburger.

8.  I went to Urban Burger Bar for the first time last night, and it is delicious!  Also lots of good, unique beers on tap.  Highly recommend.  New place, and it was pretty crowded, so it looks like they are doing well.  Got to support these new joints!

9.  Hated every design on this week's Project Runway except for Mondo's off the rack look and Andy's off the rack dress.  Just awful.  On what planet was any of that high fashion?  Awful.  Awful.  Mondo has to win this, since he is the only one who can come up with anything remotely cute or original.  (I did not dig the bodice on his high fashion look, and thought the rest of the dress looked prison striped like, but I can see why he won.  The back was cool.)  Although, there was no competition at all in the high fashion.  None.  Are you kidding me?  None of these people could come up with something cool or progressive?  Andy's boot pants were kind of cool, but it was clear that his design was not going to be in a L'Oreal makeup ad.  Gretchen's looked like a robe to me, and I hated it.  Everyone else's were just awful.  I am so happy Ivy was gone, because hers was by far the worst.  The colors, the "waves," yuck.  It was a total bridesmaid dress.

10.  The sewer/drain flies were getting into my place through -- wait for it, because you will not believe this -- a hole in the upper molding of my front door.  I swear to God.  I drove myself nutty cleaning out all my drains and trying to figure out the source.  There were only maybe seven or eight a day, but that was enough.  I was ready to just put the place up for sale.  Then, last week, I noticed that when I opened up my front door in the morning (I have a front door and a glass door that leads straight outside) that there were seven or eight of them clustered upon the inner molding between the glass and front doors.  So, putting my detective skills to work, I identified a hole.  A tiny hole.  I spackled over that shit, and haven't seen one in my place since.  Just call me Sherlock Holmes.  I can't even describe how happy I am to have found the source of this misery.  However, how they were getting to the hole in my molding is another story entirely.  I think we need some tuckpointing.  But honestly, as long as they can't find their way into my place -- I am thrilled.  Gone.                                                             


  1. Vula. Oh my god. I can't believe that they allowed her to have 2 cats back! She never got better and she's just going to kill them eventually. Why didn't they forbid her from ever having pets again? I haven't yelled at the TV that much in a long time!

  2. Saw this and thought of you... don't know what kind of phone you have though.