Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Thoughts on 9/7

1.  My dear, sweet, trying to hard to be smart secretary.  Agh.  Today I got a bankruptcy notice from a defendant addressed to one of my prior clients.  This case closed two years ago, so this was obviously sent to us in error.  But, I still needed to forward it to my client.  So, I asked my secretary to pdf it for me so I could forward it to our client via e-mail -- front and backside of the letter, plus the envelope.  Note:  I told her I wanted to pdf it all over to him.  He didn't need the original, it was an error.  What did she give me?  Three separate pdf files, for the two pages of the letter and the envelope.  After doing this "UGH" really loudly, I asked her to put it into one pdf for me, and she said "Oh, sorry" and then she did.  She knows how to put multiple pdfs into one file, yet it didn't occur to her that I might want it that way, so I could e-mail one file?  God.  Honestly, should I have to specify that I want a letter in one pdf file, as opposed to it all separated by page into a pdf?  Apparently so.  I also asked her to put together all the "filing shit" for a Complaint that we want to file tomorrow (i.e., the Civil Cover Sheet, Notice of Affiliation, Notice that it's a Patent Case, Appearances, Summons, etc.), and she assured me that it was all ready in the directory.  I was afraid to look at what was there, so I will peruse it tomorrow, and likely have to redo all of it.  This has got to fucking end.

2.  I have not heard from the "key girl" so I assume she found her keys in her mailbox.  Where I put them.  Then again, it took her three weeks to get back to me the first time, so who knows?

3.  I adore John McEnroe's commentating.  I just do.  He's kind of a fanwhore for Andy Roddick and Roger Federer (and Nadal, too kind of), but I still really like his commentating, and I guess I'm so used to his voice discussing pro tennis tournaments that he feels like home. 

4.  I finally watched Warehouse 13 and Eureka, which the entire seasons of both were sitting on my DVR (so I had a bit of a couching Labor Day, what's it to you?).  I like these shows.  I think I'm going to hang in and watch more.  But I like science fiction stuff., and the dialogue is witty enough, and I think I might be in.

5.  God, I sound like I watch a ton of TV.  But really, I DVR it, which cuts down on the time a lot.  I just DVR all kinds of stuff to see if I like it.  Unfortunately, many of the "new" shows aren't showing up on my DirectTV DVR yet, so I can't even program them in.  This is pissing me off.  I want to just program them in when I am thinking of them.  But, then aren't there yet, so I have pulled out a Post It notepad to make note of the new shows that I want to DVR and check out.  I am obviously a DVR whore.  But don't be fooled -- I will cut you from the DVR schedule so fricking fast if I don't like you!

6.  There is a little baby rat who keeps scurrying across my back patio.  This will probably sound gross to people who don't live in the city, but rats are pretty common in these parts.  But this one is a baby.  And he keeps coming back.  It both grosses me out and totally enthralls me.  He peeks his little head out of the bottom of my grill while I am sitting on my back porch smoking.  So I thump on the step and he hides away.  I hope he's not nesting under my grill or something.  I want him to go away, even though for a rat he is cute. 

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