Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thank You Chicago Police Department!

I drove into work yesterday since I hadn't driven my car recently.  When I got home, there was a utility truck in the alley blocking my garage.  They were doing some work on the power lines or something to that effect.  No big deal; I just decided to park in the street out front, and figured I would just move my car today.

Even though I've had my Chicago city sticker for over two months, I had not put it on my windshield since 99% of the time my car is in my garage and safe from the highly vigilant Chicago Police Department when it comes to tickets for lack of city sticker.  And not only did I need the city sticker, but I need the parking zone number that is on it for my street, since I live in zoned parking.  So, the sticker had to be applied if I wanted to park on the street for the evening.  The last sticker I bought (purchased in 2004) was still on my windshield, so I had to peel it off, which left a great deal of sticky crap in the optimal spot for this sticker.  I didn't feel much like scrubbing my windshield when I got home from work, so I just peeled off the new sticker and put it above the sticky crap.  Problem is, the stickiness of the new sticker was not as sticky as it should be.

And then I remembered.  About a month ago, one of my coworkers was complaining about this very thing.  When the city stickers were printed, they weren't printed with enough stick.  So, he had to go and get another one.  Apparently they were giving them out for free if you had already bought one, but only for about a month.  I made a mental note to myself at that point to check mine out, and then promptly forgot about it until yesterday when I got around to applying the sticker.  But the stickiness seemed like enough and I pressed it on really hard, and figured it could last for one night.

I went out to check on it this afternoon, after a big rain, and of course, the sticker had come unstuck and was laying on my dashboard.  Luckily there was no ticket.  But someone -- and I assume it was the CPD -- had crammed one of those things you can use to apply a city sticker to your windshield without actually sticking it on the windshield (I don't know what they are called) into my driver's side window.  None of the other cars had them, so my only conclusion is that a cop came by, saw that my sticker was unstuck, thankfully decided to not give me a ticket even though it was not "properly placed on the lower right hand corner of my windshield" and to boot, gave me something to stick it on with.

Unfortunately, it was drenched from the rain, so I couldn't even get it off the paper.  But still, it was a nice thing to do, particularly since the way my sticker fell was not showing my parking zone.  Although, I assume he ran my plate and saw that my address was right in front of where I was parked. 

At any rate, I am so glad I didn't get a ticket over this, because of course I would have to go and fight it, and that is time I don't want to spend right now.  I'm hoping this sticky thing dries out and I can still use it; otherwise, looks like I'll be making a trip to CVS to buy a new one.    

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  1. So nice when they aren't asses ans give you a break.