Sunday, September 5, 2010

Venus Williams U.S. Open 2010 Outfit

I love Venus Williams' tennis outfits.  She constantly looks like all she has to do is throw on a pair of high heels in order to be ready to go clubbing immediately after the match.  And the jewelry she wears while playing pro tennis -- unbelievable.

I was marveling about this while watching her today, and then found that I could not find a single picture of today's outfit online.

So, behold:  (Yes, my life has apparently devolved to the point that I am photographing my television set.  Oh well, at least I'm doing it with a slice of pizza in the other hand.)

Note also in the last two pictures that she has constantly been pulling this dress down.  I feel her.  When I wear dresses like this, I have to pull them down also.  But I don't play pro tennis in dresses like this.  This is not a good style for tennis.  You need a light little floaty skirt.  Come on, Venus, you should really know better by now.  The dress is a distraction, and you are nearly letting a 16 seed pummel over you.  But, you do look great!

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