Monday, October 11, 2010

Fantasy Football is so Stressful

Going into tonight's game, my team was up by nine points.

My opponent was playing Ladanian Tomlinson (Jets RB), we had Adrian Peterson (Minn RB) and Santonio Holmes (Jets WR).  I thought we pretty much had the game won, even though Tomlinson went out of control last week for over a hundred yards and two touchdowns.  After all, that was against the Bills, who are the worst team in the NFL, and we have All Day.  (Adrian Peterson.)  I wasn't sure how Santonio Holmes would do this week, since he is just coming off suspension, but we played him over Sims-Walker just because I thought he might blow it out of the water his first week back in the game.  (Yeah, we drafted him and Ben R, two guys on suspension.  I don't care, I just want playmakers.)

Tomlinson was pretty much on fire every time Sanchez gave him the ball from the getgo.  This made me very, very nervous throughout the first half.  I almost turned off the game.  The last thing I wanted was to see him hit the end zone and land six points.  He kept finding gaps that shouldn't have been there and ran, ran, ran.  Between him and Shonn Green, they are the running game for the Jets.  Stress.  To make matters worse, the Vikings offense was awful during the first half, and Peterson hadn't done much of anything, although he pretty much dominated what little offense the Vikings had.  And although Sanchez was targeting Holmes (which is good), he wasn't catching all of them, partly his fault, and partly Sanchez's fault for bad throws.  I need Holmes to catch the ball to get my points.  The Vikings came back in the second half, and luckily for me, All Day did also, so I racked up some points. But so did Tomlinson every time the Jets had the ball.

Although we never lost the lead, we could have easily lost it, so that stressed me out.  All that had to happen was for Tomlinson to find a gap and run it into the end zone, which he is fully capable of doing.  Every play I prayed for Sanchez to throw the ball (preferably to Holmes).  Or else I prayed for Shonn Green to be in instead of Tomlinson, since they alternate.  Luckily Green scored the rushing TD for the Jets, not Tomlinson.  We ended up winning by nine, exactly the lead we had coming into the game.  Both Peterson and Tomlinson got six points, so we evened each other out.  Holmes got 30 receiving yards, so no points in our league.  (Need fifty yards to get three points.)    At any rate, fantasy gets you so much more invested in these games.  It's bizarre to be praying for a rushing game or passing game and closely watching who gets the ball and what they do with it.  Nothing worse than seeing your wide receiver bobble a ball on a thirty something yard pass.

Best of all, we beat our boss, aka, founder of my firm.  Ha ha.  Although, our team beat him last year also.  Truth be told, I don't think he minds losing to the only female team in our league.  He roots us on, for the most part.  And he was without his Steelers defense this week and some of his other good Steelers players, so, he was at a disadvantage.  But, we all have bye weeks to deal with, is what it is.

So, we're 4-1, only one of two teams in the league to be 4-1 (we are the team that beat that other team), and the best record in the league.  Also, my team scored 78, so I am going to donate $390 to breast cancer, $5 a point.  Honestly I though my team would do better this week, so maybe I'll do it again next week.  God knows I need the tax deductions.  (I could of course just donate a chunk of money to breast cancer, but it's more fun this way, in determining the amount.  What can I say, I'm a gambler.)

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