Monday, October 25, 2010

I Love My Street Around Halloween

The street I live on is wider than the average Chicago city street and lined with huge, old trees.  There is a mix of multimillion dollar single family homes, 2/3 unit condo walk-ups, 2/3 unit apartment walk-ups, and some townhouses.  Many are either vintage or made to look vintage.  When the leaves change, the sidewalks are covered with orange and yellow leaves.  I swear, it's like something out of a movie.

My neighbors go all out with respect to Halloween decoration.  I never knew people actually decorated their homes to this extent for Halloween, other than maybe a cardboard picture of a witch on the front door, or a random house or two.  What goes on here is above and beyond that, and is nearly every house in the two blocks I regularly walk to get to the main street on which the train is located.  Orange or purple lights cover the fences.  One house has these really cute ghost shaped white lights on their fence.  Fake spiderwebs, huge black or purple spiders, fake graveyards, a witch doll on a broom hanging from a tree, a skeleton near a front door, a cauldron with a witch doll in the front yard, jack-o-lanterns galore, and on and on. 

I absolutely love it, and it makes for such a fun walk home from the train at night.      

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