Friday, October 8, 2010

My Clothes Are Talking to Me

The Big Closet Cleanout of Fall 2010 is finally happening...right now!  Ha ha.

I'm got two garbage bags for the Salvation Army so far, and I think at the end of the evening it will be three.  Not too bad.  All I have left to do is switch out my summer skirts for my winter skirts, and go through all of them.  I should also go through my workout clothes/pajamas (since many double for both!) and weed out some more there.  I'll leave The Great Shoe Weedout of Fall 2010 for another day.  

It's kind of amazing what a difficult task getting rid of clothing can be.  Why?  Because every single piece of clothing in my closet is attached to a memory.  It doesn't matter if the tags are still on it, I can remember buying it and why.  Bizarre.

This is what my clothing was saying to me tonight:

"I'm super cute...but not on you...anymore."  Donate.

"I was cute on you five years ago, but now you are too old for me."  Donate.

"I'm not faded, it's just the lighting in here!"  Donate.

"I would be super cute on you if you lost five pounds."  Hesitate and keep, for now.

"You wore me when you did X, Y, or Z.  Doesn't that count for anything?"  Sometimes.

"You've had me since at least 2001.  Doesn't that count for anything?"  No.  Donate.

"You could wear me to a club."  But...I don't really go to clubs anymore.  But what if I get forced to go to a club by my old college roommate who always makes me go to a club when she visits?  Hesitate and keep a few club options, just in case.

"If you get rid of me, you have to get rid of the top that goes with me."  Depends.

"Why haven't you worn me in three years?  Look at how cute I am!"  You're right, you are cute!  I forgot I had you!  Keep.

"Even though you wore me a few times, you never really liked me, did you?"  Donate.

"Even though you wore me a few times, I never quite fit right, did I?"  Donate.

"Even though you wear me constantly, I know you are tired of me."  Eh, keep.

"Don't you remember buying me when you were on vacation?  You can't get rid of me!"  Depends.

"You love me!  You look so hot in me!"  Yes I do!  Keep.

"You hate pantsuits, but you need at least a couple in your closet, just in case."  Yep, keep.

"You can't get rid of me!  I'm a St. John!"  Yep, keep.

"Do you even remember how much you paid for me and how much you loved me at the time?"  Of course.  Keep.

"But you have to have turtlenecks in black, gray, burgundy, and red, right?"  Absolutely.  Keep.

"You also need turtlenecks in green, blue, pink, and purple!"  Some of you can stay.

And on and on and on.

Fun task, this.  And now my bedroom smells like lemon scented garbage bags.  (I can't believe I accidentally bought the lemon scent.  Ugh!  Who likes these?)

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  1. This is so cute! definitely feeling you on the 5 pounds to loose so keep it.