Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random Thoughts on October 4

1.  I'm now 3-1 in my fantasy league.  My wide receivers SUCK.  thank God my running backs are making up for the slack.  Also, thank God Santonio Holmes is coming back in the game this week, because he will assuredly be starting in place of Mike Sims-Walker who is a big yawn this year.  For fantasy purposes, I don't care why Santonio Holmes was suspended.  I just care that he can play ball.  Ditto for Ben R, who is returning this week and is currently on my bench.  I just want the points and I want to win.  And I am now one of three teams who are 3-1.  Go girls!

2.  My aunt and uncle and their granddaughter (my cousin's daughter) make a yearly trip to Chicago in early December each year for Christmas shopping and American Girl store and all that.  Since I live here, we all meet up for dinner on Friday night and then go to a show.  It's fun and nice to see them.  However, I have to pick out the restaurant.  This is more difficult than you would think, because my aunt is the pickiest eater on earth.  She will send things back.  Also, they are from the Midwest, so they don't like sushi or anything weird like that.  So, I have to take a great deal of time to figure this out.  My aunt can't do any sort of fixed price menus because she might not like what they give her, so that rules out a lot of the really nice restaurants.  So, here is the scorecard since they have started this visiting of me every year:  Hugo's Frog Bar (my uncle loved it, she did not; Hugo's is awesome, in my opinion); Vivere (everyone loved it); Joe's Stone Crab (everyone loved it); Catch 35 (everyone loved it).  So basically, I am 3 out of 4 so far.  I have to keep this up.  The problem is that I like them to meet me at a restaurant somewhat near the theatre so we can walk over, and I'm starting to run out of restaurants in the Loop.  (We did Joe's when we went to a show out at the Rosemont.)  I'm also open to a restaurant near The Drake, where they stay.  So, I'm exploring what new nice restaurants I would like to go to!  Initially I was terrified to take them to a place I hadn't been, but now I don't care.  If it gets good reviews and sounds good to me, we're going!

3.  I never really watched How I Met Your Mother.  But now that the repeats are on Lifetime and I am DVRing them, wow, I love this show.  I'm even recording the first run episodes now over Dancing with the Stars with The Situation!  What I like about this show is Neil Patrick Harris and the guy who plays Ted.  They are just awesome actors.  I didn't initially watch this show because I hate, hate Allison Hannigan.  God, I hated her as Willow, and I still kind of hate her, but she is better as Lily on this show.  She's bearable, at least, but she still has that sort of dumb, vacant look about her.  But ultimately better than her portrayal as Willow.  This show has the conversations and issues that I have had with my friends, and the same kinds of fucked up contests and stuff that goes on in my life.  It's totally amazing, and I love it for it.  And I love that Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie!) is an out gay man playing a total womanizer, and playing it totally convincingly.  Go Barney!  Legend - dary.  This show seriously rocks.  I look forward to the reruns on my DVR when I get home at night.

4.  I also watched the first two eps of Detroit-187 on my DVR over the weekend, because I am intrigued since I am from the DRC.  (Detroit Rock City.)  Well, I'm from the 'burbs, of course, because I didn't grow up in the hood or anything like that.  But I worked downtown for awhile after college (and I saw George Clooney down there when he was shooting Out of Sight, sitting one table away from me at a restaurant, and let me just tell you, if you thought he was hot in a photo, he is a hundred million times more hot in person), off one of the big old buildings off Woodward.  I also worked in the Ren Cen when it was controlled by Ford.  Yeah, it's been awhile.  But I know my DRC downtown, and Greektown, and Mexican Village and all that.  So, it's cool to have a cop show -- finally -- in Detroit.  And the show is pretty decent.  I like it.  I think it's pretty on par with The Shield or Southland.  Or it has potential to be.  Just keep it on the air long enough, please!  Except that in the pilot they said "soda."  No one in Detroit says "soda."  We all say "pop."  We also say "party store" as opposed to "convenience store." 

5.  My niece sent me the sweetest thank you note for her (hugely late from me) birthday gift.  God, I love it that kids don't hate you for being late like I was.  She loved her gift and she loved the card (which was one of those cards that talked and the whole thing about it was about how late it was...it was cute).  I don't mean to be an ass to my nieces and nephews, honestly.  I have their gifts, they just sometimes get them a little late.  And you know what (this is me rationalizing it) maybe it's a little more fun to get a gift two months after your birthday when you aren't expecting it, right?  Eh, I'll do better next year.  At least they are getting a gift, right?

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