Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You Can Never Have Too Many Pairs of Black Pumps

As I was clearing out more shoes for the Salvation Army truck, it came to my attention that something was needed – a new pair of black pumps. That’s not to say that I don’t have black pumps. Of course I do. I have nine pairs of black pumps. (These are closed toe, all black pumps. I have other pumps with black in them, like a leopard pair, and also some peeptoes, but I’m not counting those.) There is no style of shoe I wear more regularly than black pumps. However, in the midst of my cleaning binge, I realized that about four of those pairs of black pumps were bought back in 2004, around the time I became an attorney and black pumps first became a necessity. This was also during my Franco Sarto phase, so all four are Franco Sarto brand. They were all great pumps, and I wore the heck out of them. I’ve held on to them only because they are broken in nicely so occasionally I will wear a pair for old time’s sake, and also because I thought maybe I would have the shoeshine guy in my building polish them up. Well, that never happened. It was with a sad heart that I put them in the Salvation Army bag, but I don’t get any joy out of wearing them anymore, and when I do wear them I find myself staring down at my feet and wondering why I am wearing such an old pair of shoes.

This leaves me with five pairs: (1) my current favorites, a leather Coach pair with 3” heels; (2) a patent leather pair of Franco Sartos (these are only a few years old) with a 3” heel; (3) a suede pair of Nine West with a 2 ½” heel; (4) a leather pair of Nine West with side openings that are nice for summer with a 2” heel (and quite frankly will be the next pair to get tossed they’ve been worn so much); and (5) a fish scaled design by Naughty Monkey with about a 1 1/2” heel.

Obviously I need another pair – a pair with a 2” heel. Three inches used to really work for me, even for fifteen hour stretches, but now not so much. I mean, I can do it, but I prefer 2” when I have a long day and lots of walking.

So, I just ordered these:

I absolutely love Tory Burch shoes, although I’ve noticed that her Reva flats really hurt my heel if I wear them for more than about 5-6 hours. So, after that learning experience, I go for the Tory Burch shoes without the little elastic band around the heel. This pair I like because I’m a sucker for anything on the toe or the heel of a shoe, and these have both. Also, they are 2”. It is insanely hard to find designer shoes that are high heeled but less than 3” high. Hell, even finding 3” can be hard. I’m not sure who is wearing all of these 4” high stiletto $400+ shoes. They must have feet of steel.

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  1. I don't know how women walk in those crazy platform heels all day either. I know it's not because more expensive heels are more comfortable. I read horror stories about the pain of high-priced shoes all the time.

    Is it age? Is it a slow evolution to prefer function over trendy form? I used to sport 3-5" heels every time I went out to bars/dancing & now my feet hurt sooo badly I bring flats w/ me whenever I wear heels.

    Those Tory Burch shoes are cute! (I don't like the elastic backed shoes either.)