Friday, December 24, 2010

Donors Choose - Teachers Need Help

Through Money magazine, as well as one of my friends who is a teacher, I have recently been introduced to  This is a website where teachers from school districts around the country can post what they need for their classrooms, and how much money they need.  Then, people can donate to whatever teachers and/or projects they want to donate.  It's pretty cool.  To be frank, I am donating a lot to this, not only because I think it is for a very good cause, but also to get some tax deductions. 

I tend to donate to the math and science category, and more toward teachers who really need the basics, in the high poverty areas.  I think maybe I'm old school, but the "need" for graphing calculators to learn fractions, the "need" for laptops and other advanced technology, the "need" for various "activities" to make math interesting, and all this stuff to learn math and science....seems strange to me.  I learned it all on a chalkboard.  And I was interested.  It was what it was.  (We weren't even allowed to use graphing calculators on exams when I was in college!)  I get that kids need to understand and learn computers in this day and age, but, I don't know, it seems like kind of a cop out to turn it all over toward technology.  This is something that worries me a lot about this generation of kids.  They need fancy graphics and computers and such to even stay interested.  Is that not a problem?  So anyway, I tend toward the old school type requests, or toward the requests that seem really cool to me, as far as science experiments and such.  There is no lack of those requests.  But, to each their own!  At any rate, it is a great site, and a way to give a little to some kids who may not have much, to help out their teachers, and to give them a better educational experience. 

No teachers from my high school are on this site yet, so I went to my high school web site and sent a message to them to get on, because hello, alumni, would like to help out my own old school.  I also hooked up one of my friends who is a teacher in Michigan.  Someday I will get my karma....

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