Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fantasy Football Playoffs Update - Crash

For anyone who is on the edge of their seat, wondering how my fantasy football team is doing, this post is for you.  As predicted, my team crashed and burned.  First off, Adrian Peterson didn't play.  That completely and utterly hosed me, since he was my number one draft pick, as well as a guy who regularly scores lots of points for me.  Since he wasn't playing until Monday night, I basically had to bank on him playing, since I really couldn't pick up anyone else unless I dropped him, which wasn't going to happen.  When he didn't play, I got a big fat zero for one runningback, a runningback who usually nets me a lot of points.

I found out Adrian Peterson wasn't playing after I landed in Los Angeles, got my rental car, searched for about ten minutes for the radio station that was broadcasting the Monday night game, listened for about fifteen minutes, and after no mention of Peterson, got a text from my teammate with the doomsday statement that "he isn't playing! shit!"  Also, I stupidly (and I should know better by now) started Chad Ochocinco, who is a bust, and I know that.  I should've started Sims Walker, who is also a bust, but did get two touchdowns.  Regardless, none of it would have mattered, because without AP, and with the lack of points from my other runningback Ahmad Bradshaw, who also usually scores high, and a whole bunch of other things, I lost.

So, now I'm fighting for third place.  At this point, I've covered the entry fee, so it is only bragging rights.  Ben Rothlisberger had an awesome game tonight.  In fact, he scored 32 fantasy points tonight.  Too bad he's on my bench.  I'm hoping Philip Rivers pulls something off against the Bengals on Sunday.  I'm sure he won't.  That's the way the luck is going.  Also, while it looks like Addai may play, I'm doubtful Peterson will play, and Sims Walker is not practicing, Ochocinco is not practicing, so I may be doing some fast pickups on Sunday in my attempt to win third place. 

All of the other teams want us to lose, and lose badly.  I think I've mentioned before, but we are the only female team in the league, and the men get angry when the female team does well.  There are guys who I would never have expected who are extremely pissed off that we made the playoffs in the first place.  They were openly rooting against us not to win last week because "we can't have a girl team win the league."  For a moment I thought I was back in 1910.  But no, it is still 2010.  So, I was disappointed we lost last week, because that would've really made them shake in their boots.  Still, though, since we scored so low last week, I'm getting the "we would've beat you, too."  None of them want to acknowledge that I lost my number one draft pick last week, so that was a huge factor.

Anyway, third place would be nice.  I have no problem with that.  Actually, I have no problem with fourth either, since we beat out eight guy teams to get there.  Maybe next year, maybe next year...   

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