Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Was Wrong About the iPad

Yesterday I received a package with my mom's distinct handwriting on the outside.  I didn't open it, because I figured it was a Christmas present and she would want me to wait.  Not so.  I called her this evening to determine whether she thought I should send a Christmas gift (money) to my brother's stepdaughter, who turned 18 this year.  My viewpoint was that she is 18, so she is done getting gifts, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't unnecessarily being an ass.  Turns out, my mom thinks I am right.  (I mean, when does it stop otherwise?  Do I just buy her gifts forever?) 

At any rate, she asked if I got the package, and I said I did, but hadn't opened it yet.  She ordered me to open it immediately, telling me it was from her and H, so I did.  I pulled out a mediumish, square shape box, covered with Post-it notes.  (My mom always includes notes like this in nearly everything she sends, covered with smiley faces and lots of underlining.)  These notes said "64GB" in four different places, underlined.  Peeking out around the edges of the Post-its was a photograph on the top of the box that looked like a gigantic iPhone.

My brain went like this:   This looks like an iPad!  But no, those are so expensive!  There's no way they bought me an iPad!  Did they buy me an iPad?  Holy shit, it's an iPad!  Sweet!

And I blurted out:  "YOU BOUGHT ME AN IPAD????"

And mom said:  "We did!  H wanted to get you something nice since you gave her your car, and we both decided this would be good, since you don't have one."

And I said:  "YOU BOUGHT ME AN IPAD????"  This was in a tone of pure joy, by the way.

And mom said:  "We got the 65GB Wi-Fi version, because the salesman said that was all you needed.  But if you want the 3G version, you can take it back to Best Buy and exchange it, but that one does cost more and you have to buy some kind of data plan which runs around $100 a month."

And I said:  "YOU BOUGHT ME AN IPAD????"

And mom said:  "Yes, we bought you an iPad!"

After I yelled at her for spending so much money, she told me what a life savior I was for giving H my car because she needed it so badly, and they wanted to get me something nice for Christmas.  Well, holy hell, mission accomplished.

So, I am the proud new owner of an iPad, which I have been playing around with for the past three hours.  The iPad is a product that I wanted, but I didn't really know why I wanted it or what I would do with it, since I already have a laptop, an iPhone, and an iPod.  Given that, plus the cost, I never bought one.  Big mistake.  This thing is freaking sweet, as Peter Griffin would say.  I love my iPhone to death, but the screen is so small, and this is like a gigantic iPhone on steroids.  I will probably use the Kindle, iBook, and Nook apps the most, rather than cluttering my condo with more paper books.  (I've been wanting a Kindle, but never bought one, and now I don't have to!)  And there are so many other cool apps, and the basics of Internet and e-mail.  I haven't even scratched the surface of this thing yet.  And it's so light and the screen is so pretty, and somehow it seems like so much less trouble than booting up a laptop.  Another perk is that it uses the same charger as my phone and iPod, because I hate having to cart around numerous extension cords when I hit the road.

At any rate, I was wrong.  I did need an iPad. 

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