Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm Really Bad at Family Feud

I always liked watching Family Feud.  There was something about Richard Dawson and the way the contestants were so corny, and the stage so orange.  So, when I saw there was a Family Feud game for the iPad, I had to get it.  I played it last night for quite awhile on my flight, since I didn't feel like reading and didn't have anything else to do, and they were playing this awful movie called The Switch starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.  (Seriously, full of every cliche you can imagine, including the witty kid.  I hate kids that are too smart for their own good in movies.  Why Jason Bateman, why?) 

Well, let me tell you something.  I am not good at this game.  My number one answer is either not even on the board or is around the last answer on the board.  Maybe this makes me unique.  I think my problem is that I think too literally about things.  Once I hit on the answer I like, I can't open my mind to the obvious answer, or I can't think about the question in a different way.  I am an engineer at heart, you know.  That or some of the answers are just absurd in the context of the question, and you wonder about the 100 people who were surveyed.

Here's an example:

Name a place you would find ice.

Antartica?  It's on there.  Number one answer?  A freezer.  Other answers included a supermarket, Alaska, and Chicago.  You know what isn't on there?  The North Pole.  The Arctic.  Siberia.  I'm not kidding about Chicago being on the list.  Who thinks of Chicago when you think of a place to find ice?  I mean, granted we have it in the dead of winter on the ground, but it isn't that extreme.  I have to imagine there is more ice in the Arctic. 

Here's another example:

Tell me something people think needs saving.

You know what isn't on there?  The environment.  The answers were as follows:  money, life, animals, souls, world, childhood, economy, bills.  Childhood?  People think childhood needs saving?  What does that even mean?  It seems like such a bizarre answer in the context. 

And one more:

Name something you can bet happens every Fourth of July.

The answers:  fireworks, barbecue, fire, picnic.  Really, you can bet a fire happens every Fourth of July?  Two brainiacs gave that answer.  Every single person should've answered either fireworks or barbecue, right?

I'm so tired of seeing the screen flash "YOU LOSE" at me.

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