Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Ruxin Post to Philip Rivers

I'm obsessed now with the show The League on FX right after It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia on Thursday nights.  The League is set in Chicago and it's about a group of guys (and one of the guy's wives) who have a fantasy football league.  The show goes from there, and even if you don't like fantasy football, it is hilarious because a lot of other content is covered.

So, on one of the episodes of the show, the character Ruxin did a video monologue about how Antonio Gates screwed him over in his fantasy league by scoring a boatload of points and all this.  At the end of the episode, Antonio Gates showed up, and Ruxin chewed him out for scoring and looked like a complete doofus because Antonio Gates was like "dude, I did my job."  (This is the best part of the show, is all these NFL players show up in cameos.  Hilarious.)  Well, Philip Rivers, who has never let me down before, screwed me this week.       

I only needed 2 points to win going into Sunday night's game.  I thought I had it in the bag, as Rivers was my quarterback, and my final player to play.  Rivers has scored EIGHT touchdowns over the past two games.  Like 40 points per game in the past two weeks.  He's phenomenal.  All I needed was one touchdown or for him to pass for 200 yards.  That's it.  I win.

Rivers threw no touchdown passes and threw for 185 yards.  Big fat goose egg.

So what does that mean?  I lost.  I lost.  By two points.

What the hell just happened?  Seriously, everyone in the league came by my office and said "What the hell?" 

I know, right.  How does Philip Rivers score zero points?  How does that happen? 

The worst part about the entire thing is that Ben Roethlisberger (my reserve QB) scored three points, and after Pittsburgh was done I thought "wow, thank God I didn't start him."  (My opponent was up by four until Monday, when apparently one of the Bears sacks got withdrawn (he had the Bears D), so in the end he was up by two.  At the time, I thought I needed five to get it.)  Ha on me.  If I would've started Ben, I would've won, even with his gimpy 3 points.

So now we have a three way tie for the playoffs in my division.

And ADRIAN PETERSON left the game early, is injured, and is questionable for this week.  (This hurt me, too.  If he hadn't left the game early, he would've totally gotten me another three points.)  And my fucking opponent this week picked up his backup.  I have Bradshaw, who I'm not dropping, and my only other option is Joseph Addai, who is also injured and hasn't played since week 6.  I can't drop Peterson.  I can't drop Addai in case he comes back.  Do I run it alone on one running back if Peterson doesn't play?  Do I just drop Addai and take a chance, even though someone else will quickly grab Addai if I drop him?  ARGH. 

God, fantasy football is so stressful.  Philip Rivers, why?

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