Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random Thoughts on December 4/December 5

1.  On The Fashion Show this season (Bravo's substitute Project Runway) is a guy named Calvin Tran, who happens to have a boutique on Halsted just south of Webster, which I have walked past about a million times.  I never went in because his designs never looked very interesting to me.  I can't say my impression has changed much after seeing him on the show.

2.  I think I'm going to get a bottle of Chateau Grand Traverse cherry wine for the other attorneys at my firm for Christmas.  My sister lives up in that region (Traverse City is known for their cherries) and bought me a bottle last year, and it was so delicious.  I couldn't stop drinking it.  My only hesitation is that each bottle is only $8, so it's pretty cheap.  Yet it's delicious.  I don't want to be seen as buying a cheapass bottle of wine, but when I'm buying for like 20 people (or so...I have to figure out who I want to give a bottle to and do the final count), it adds up.  And it is really good, and different from the vast quantities of Merlot or Cab I get from everyone else, so it's not like I'd be buying something awful.  And of course, it is the thought, right?

3.  I'm opening 529 college accounts for my nieces and nephews.  Well, one nephew.  My other nephew, who has Asperger's, is going to get his share in the form of a Special Needs Trust, which means I have to find an estates attorney who knows how to set this up, because it is apparently kind of tricky.  (It makes sure that he doesn't lose his government benefits, since he will never be able to live on his own, yet a trustee will have access to the money for needs of his that aren't covered by the government.  So, it's complicated and has to be set up very specifically.)  The 529 accounts give me tax advantages with the added bonus of money for the kids for college.  I wouldn't be where I am without my education, so God knows I want to make sure they get theirs.  The challenge is going to be getting the kids' social security numbers out of my brother, since he's so flighty.  I think I'm just going to contact his ex-wife directly, because she will be all over this idea and will give me whatever I want immediately.

4.  I'm praying that Adrian Peterson plays tomorrow.  My opponent this week had three players play in Thursday night's game (damn you, Arian Foster!), which means he's up 30 points on me already.  (Although, I've had zero players play, so it's not as bad as it sounds.)  I really, really, really need Adrian Peterson tomorrow.  I know I shouldn't waste prayers on a running back's ankle, but I am.  I want to make the playoffs!

5.  I still need to go buy a car.  I know exactly what I want, so I am just dreading the bartering and bullshit involved.  Car salespeople are so annoying.  I mean, give me the bottom line immediately.  Let's not play games.  This is the same thing I hate about settlement negotiations.  Everyone knows where you are going to end up, yet you have to do the dance.  I hate the dance.  I would do badly in any society where bartering is heavily involved.  I'd rather just pay the listed price and be done, but of course I can't do that when it comes to a car.   

6.  I really love Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.  I know a lot of it is probably bullshit, but I still find it pretty fascinating.  I've never made it through an entire show, though, because usually they show repeats of it later on at night, and I watch it as I fall asleep. 

7.  I'm living on the edge regarding my furnace.  It's about 26 years old.  I meant to have someone come over to check it out before winter hit, but never got around to it.  So, let's see if this old furnace can manage to hang for one more winter.  It's working great so far.  I just need to figure out how to change the filter, which could be a challenge.  I prefer to pay a professional to do that kind of thing, ha ha. 

8.  I'm so tired of hearing about little kids who go missing and/or are murdered.  Infuriated by it.  How can people be so evil?  I think they should be executed immediately upon being found guilty or confessing.  Forget all this appeals bullshit and sitting on death row for years.  Anyone who kills a child deserves to die. 

9.  Charles Manson got caught with a cell phone in prison.  What the hell?  How does this happen?  I can't help but feel that a lot of people must not be doing their jobs very well.  I wonder who he was calling, though.  I also wonder if he was amazed about the cell phone.  I mean, he has been in prison since 1969 or so.  (I don't feel like looking up the specific date right now -- can't remember if it was the same year or if it went over into 1970 before they all got arrested.)  He should be dead.  Damn California changing their death penalty laws, just in time for the Manson killers to get life without parole.  Sometimes I feel like California is on another planet from the rest of the country.

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