Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wait For It...Taxes

My Milk Glass Heart alerted me to this great article that provides facts that "a one-parent family of three making $14,500 a year (minimum wage) has more disposable income than a family making $60,000 a year."

I don't find this shocking at all, given all the tax benefits and assistance the government provides to the poor.  The median household income in this country is I believe around $50,000 a year.  If you are making $60,000 a year, you are either (1) someone who went to college and got a degree in an area that at some point pays $60,000 or up a year; (2) someone who did not go to college yet has a skill or skills either through experience or inate smarts that led you to your current position; or (3) someone who has been working your way up in your job for a number of years, possibly as a result of (1) or (2), or possibly not.  If middle class is $50,000 a year, you, at $60,000 may not be it anymore.  Or are you?  I don't know what middle class is.  I can't really find a definition for it, income based or not.  Our politicians scream about the "middle class," but no one can define what that is.  Wikipedia (always a font of knowledge) puts middle class at below $100,000, and upper middle class at above $100,000.  But where does that stop and become "rich"?  Apparently at the $200,000 for singles, and the $250,000 for marrieds. 

I have a random question here.  If it is $200,000 for singles, why should it not be $400,000 for marrieds?  That makes no sense to me.  Is it because they assume that the woman in the marriage is making less, or that she is staying home with kids and not working, or something along those lines?  Because my married lawyer friends with no kids are getting more screwed over than I am as a single person, I'll just say that.  You put together two J.D.s who have been out of school for six years, and it's not too hard to blast past that $250,000 income number for marrieds.  I just do not understand where these cut offs came from. 

At any rate, if you are middle class, forget about getting any assistance or help.  Instead, you get to pay taxes, while the one parent family of three who makes minimum wage gets all kinds of help.  There are exceptions to every rule, and some people end up in situations through no fault of their own and I realize that, but if you are a person whose skills are only minimum wage level and that is all you can ever hope to or have ambition to earn, why do you continue to have children you can't support on your own?  Does it make me a horrible person to ask that question?  Maybe it does.  If so, I'm going to hell anyway, so I'll just ask the next question.  Why should the government support your children?  I don't understand where this is in the Constitution or anywhere else.  I feel for the children, I do, and I give to children's charities, and all that, but I can't help but think that our government is somewhat encouraging this kind of behavior through all of these entitlement programs.  Our government is almost too nice.  No one wants to see kids go hungry, so we make sure there are food stamps.  No one wants to see a kid without a roof over their head, so we have Section 8.  But isn't all of that, in a way, encouraging people to not support their own children?

I know people who make around $60K a year for a family (husband, wife, and at least one kid), and because they make too much money they get no help.  I get nothing either, although I don't need it.  It just kind of burns me that whenever any tax credits or anything are introduced lately there is an income max.  Yeah, I exceed that.  By far.  Is it any wonder that people like me are sick of it and don't want to pay more taxes?  I pay and pay and pay and I get nothing back.  I don't get the $250 check, I don't get the EITC, I don't get child credits, I don't get food or housing assistance.  I get the cops in my neighborhood being reassigned to "more crime ridden areas" due to the shortage of police in my city, which will ultimately make my safe neighborhood a freaking haven for robbers and thugs, since the police aren't paying attention up here anymore.  I know that isn't a federal issue, but it still burns me.

Well, you know I don't consider myself "rich" but since I am the top 2% this year (what can I say, I had a good year and I am pretty happy about it!), I am going to post my federal withholdings when I get my final check on Dec. 28.  And trust me, you will shit your pants, because I did when I looked at my check from yesterday.  An entire month from now will yield even more.  And you can't hide income.  I have no loopholes here.  It is what it is, I pay on my income.  All these people talking about "the rich" hiding their income in offshore accounts...are you kidding me?  How do I do that with my paycheck?  Please, someone tell me if that is an option, because I don't think it is.  All my earnings are reported, and thus, taxed.  I will also update after I do my taxes to see what the true outcome was, since I do at least get my mortgage tax witholding, at least for now.  Stay tuned.....      


  1. Can't wait to see it! My father pays out the nose for his small construction company. Between outrageous income taxes, city/state/lead licenses (based on income), city & state taxes, homeowners insurance (works out of the home), liability insurance, workman's comp insurance (no employees but still has to have it for the Federal org he works with, even though state law says it isn't needed), work vehicle insurance, annual taxes on tools/equipment/office supplies he already paid sales tax on... it really never ends. Small business is getting screwed like you wouldn't believe.

    Oh and get this- about the kids:
    A loooong time ago, VA's governor George Allen enacted a controversial "welfare to work" program. Basically, it was mainly single mothers who participated. They were given a cap on how many kids they could have before additional funds were cut off. They were also given free daycare, free transportation to free job-training and free transportation to getting to their new jobs to get them off welfare. They still got Medicaid for the kids, and Section 8. I worked for a research place that did surveys for the CDC and other govt orgs. So, I had to call over 100 women who had participated in the program and do open-ended surveys with them and type everything they said to get feedback. I have never been so pissed! 9/10 women quit every job or training program over something stupid. One woman quit a good-paying job because a coworker said something about her nails. Another quit because she didn't like waiting for the bus early in the morning. Another quit over a comment about her hair. Everyone wanted more this, more that. Nothing was good enough. They were getting handed a golden opportunity to make something of themselves, have free education, free transportation (cabs if they were off the bus line), have their children taken care of for free, and still have a roof over their heads and medical care but they didn't want to work for it. It made me sick.

  2. I believe it on the small business taxes, but I didn't realize it was that extensive. It seems so stupid, because small business can provide jobs, but not when the are being taxed to death.

    I'm not even surprised to hear that about the VA "welfare to work" program. I don't know how or why it gets stuck in people's brains that they are entitled to get along perfectly with everyone at their job, go in whenever they want or if they want, and entitled to be happy every single moment they are there. I mean, I hate getting up early, too, but I do it. To me, there is no other choice. It's really strange. I don't know how you didn't totally freak out working that job!