Monday, January 10, 2011

Goddamn You Snooki! You Ruined My Future BMW.

I hadn't really intended to watch Jersey Shore again this season, but I caught the new season premiere in the hotel room last week one late night, since MTV has been showing it over and over again.

The very interesting part to me about the premiere episode was all of the kids showing up in their new, Jersey Shore money, rides.  (Except maybe Pauly D., who I seem to remember might have had the Caddy in the first season.)  Both Snooki and Ronnie were driving BMWs.  I had planned on and wanted to get a 328i, but now Snooki has one.  Can I get the same car as Snooki?  Is there something kind of wrong about  me buying the same car that she bought?  This has thrown my entire world into a tailspin.  I really wanted that stupid little BMW, but now Snooki has it.  She's ruined it for me.  If she has it, what does that say about me if I have it?  Ronnie had the 5 series, I'm not sure which particular model.  I had judged the 5 series as too expensive to buy right now.  But fricking Ronnie from Jersey Shore has one.  God, I went to college and worked really hard in order to buy my BMW, and buying the BMW was going to be a really, really big deal for me, and I have to watch these boneheads who bought their BMWs through drama, booze, and ridiculousness.   

Now I absolutely have to rethink everything.  I could go for a Mercedes.  But dammit, I wanted that 328i.  Ugh!  Well, I suppose I could not get black, and that would make it different.  Right?  Right?  At best I can hope that the fifteen minutes on these people is somewhat ending, although I heard the ratings for the season premiere were the highest of any MTV show ever, so maybe they've got another few years of it.  At least I have my education, right?  Right?  Ha ha.  God, the whole reality television world is so amazing.  I want to hate, but somehow I kind of feel like "Good for them."  If MTV is making a lot of money, so should they.  But man, is it ever disturbing to see these people making a lot of money solely based on getting drunk and acting like fools.  Oh well, at least I'll be able to have a job forever. 

But why, why, why did Snooki have to buy the car I want?     

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