Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Thoughts on January 14

1.  My trial got delayed again.  Ugh.  This is the third time.  I'm beginning to suspect that the Judge doesn't want us to try this case.  And the Judge apparently doesn't perceive that we have deposits on hotel rooms, war rooms, office equipment and all kinds of things that we are going to lose and/or have to extend or be penalized for because we have been delayed.  This is incredibly frustrating.  I wish he would just give us a solid date, rather than a "it is likely your trial will start on ..."  On the plus side, this gives us additional time to fight about jury instructions with the opposing side.  Fun, fun. 

2.  My iPhone touch screen has been acting up, and since it is over two years old, I think it is about time I upgrade to the iPhone 4.  So, I am currently backing up and making sure all of my apps are in iTunes to make the transition to a new phone as seamless as possible.  Yeah, like that'll happen.  I wish AT&T could just transfer it all over for me, but apparently they can't.

3.  I didn't intend to download the Angry Birds game onto my iPad because I thought it looked kind of stupid, but during everything with my niece I desperately needed something else to take my mind off things, so I gave in and downloaded it since I've been hearing so much about it.  Oh my God, this game is addicting.  I rather like it due to the physics calculations involved to figure out where to hit the structures.  This really gets right at the science geek in me.  I've even been dreaming about Angry Birds lately.  This is why I don't generally play video games such as this -- I have an addictive personality and I do get hooked and want to play until I am done.

4.  We have had four close relative deaths at my firm in the past month.  I think that's enough, right?  Can it stop now, please?  We are all tired of having to attend wakes and funerals on behalf of people we care about.  Yes, my firm is like an extended, somewhat dysfunctional family.  I can't imagine working anywhere else.   

5.  I officially hate every single moment that Sammi from Jersey Shore is on my television screen.  She sucked the life out of season 2, and is well on her way to doing the same in season 3.  I think these kids just need to move on to other endeavors.  It's not nearly as much fun watching them interact with people at the Jersey Shore when they are all semi-celebrities.

6.  Huffington Post is such a rag.  I generally read it every day, but the emphasis on Sarah Palin borders on obnoxious.  Here's a clue:  no one on the conservative or Republican side of things gives her nearly the airtime or notice that liberal news sites like Huff Post do.  Compare the Fox News site with the Huff Po site on any given day.  When there are six or seven headlines between the Huff Post Front Page and Politics section about something Sarah Palin -- who is a media personality, no one with any power -- said, you are really pandering to the lowest denominator.  Also, their Entertainment section is pathetic.  The headlines generally read either "Pregnant!" "So and so In a Bikini!" or "Married!"  It's really a joke that President Obama encouraged college students to read this "news" site.  Also, their iPad app is horrible.

7.  I realized today that the Obamacare bill that requires all of us citizens to buy healthcare insurance as of 2014 does not require illegal (undocumented) immigrants to do so.  Isn't part of the uninsured/healthcare problem that there are a lot of illegal immigrants using our emergency rooms for free?  Shouldn't any sort of healthcare reform at least attempt to address that issue?  Why should citizens risk being fined for not having healthcare insurance, yet illegal immigrants get off free?  This makes no sense to me.  But then again, I'm still not sure anyone in Congress has read this bill.  Maybe we should've done this reform in stages as opposed to a massive 2,000 page bill.  I don't know yet that I agree with the Republicans attempt to repeal the entire thing, but I might be leaning that way. 

8.  What the hell happened to Michael Keaton?  He was Mr. Mom and Batman.  Why haven't I seen him in anything lately?

9.  How do people find the time to protest things?  Do they take time off work to do so?  These questions always enter my mind when I read about a protest at the White House or anywhere else.  I've never had time to protest anything, because I work.  Also, I guess there hasn't been anything I felt so passionate about that I thought it would be worth my time to protest.  Does protesting ever really accomplish anything?  Other than a few news stories, I'm not sure it does.

10.  I used two spaces after each period in this post.  Just occurred to me.  I cannot stop this wrong habit.               

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