Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trial is not like on TV

God. That's about all I have to say. I'm exhausted. For the past eight days we have been working 16 to 20 hour days. It's the minutiae that will drive you insane. What exhibits do we need out of the 400 we marked? What if the witness fights? We need copies of the exhibits for each jury member, the witness, the Judge, and the court reporter. Copying all of that on one copier in a hotel war room takes longer than you might think. Our secretaries and paralegals stayed up all night and went straight to court this morning to drop them off. Then I sent them back to the hotel to sleep. I was up until around three, and only went to bed because I had to get some sleep to be able to function in court today. This is not the glamorous life of a trial attorney, let me tell you. I will continue this for another week or so.

Then I will go home and get back to posting more!

P.S. The wife of opposing side's lead counsel told me she "heard I did a great job yesterday." I examined an adverse witness. (I'm an extra attorney, not lead or second chair on this case.). That's not a compliment you get every day in this business, so I'm kind of happy!

P.P.S. The iPad keyboard is not great for blogging fast.

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  1. I was wondering how the trial was going. Congrats on the compliment! You deserve a 2 hour massage/spa day when all this is over! Go get 'em tiger!