Friday, February 11, 2011

Robert Deyber -- Awesome Surrealist Artist

I'm a huge fan of surrealism art.  Like most people, Dali and Magritte excite me a lot.  About eight years ago I discovered a great artist on eBay who did surrealism work:  Robert Deyber.  I buy a lot of art on eBay, because if you sift through all the crap you really can get some fabulous paintings for a good price.  I'm a big fan of having real paintings in my house, as opposed to photographs or framed posters.  When I buy, I buy what I like.  I don't think about whether it will be worth something someday or anything like that.

At any rate, when I discovered Robert Deyber, he was just breaking out on eBay, so his paintings were going for maybe $300-600, which is a lot for an eBay painting.  Oh, how I'm kicking myself now for not buying more.  I have one, and I'm staring at it as I type this.  It's one of my favorite paintings.  Only one, though!  I got outbid a lot.  He was on his way up.  But at the time, I was still in law school and shortly after just entering my profession, so I really didn't even have $500 to spend on a painting.  I could really kick myself now.  Although I thought he was super talented, I just couldn't afford it.  And then he disappeared from eBay.

So, Robert Deyber's paintings now go for at least $5,000 at galleries. His web site is here.  He's amazingly talented, if you like weird surrealism paintings.  (The titles are important to his paintings.)  I don't want to link to them here because of copyright issues, but seriously check him out.  He shows at a gallery in Oak Brook, and I may wander over there and buy another painting one of these days.