Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Great Garage Door Test of 2011

Until this past Sunday, I hadn't been in my garage since November, when I removed my Jetta and drove it off to my sister in Michigan.

So, since I am supposed to pick up my new car tomorrow or Thursday, it occurred to me that I should make sure my garage door opener and garage door was working, because if I ended up in a situation where I had to park my brand new BMW on the street, I would not be very happy, even though it is a fairly safe street.  My complex is twelve units, and my garage is shared with four cars, my garage door with one other car, who is never there because this is their "second home."  So, I was fairly confident my garage door had not been opened or closed in four months.

So, I went out, and used my handheld transmitter, and it opened fine.  Great, the battery is good, this is awesome.  Then I tried to put it down.  Not happening.  It went down about a foot, then stopped and went back up.  There were problems, it was getting stuck.  I get it, garage doors need care and I was a neglectful parent. So, I grabbed -- what else -- WD-40 and hosed down all of the hinges, rollers, tracks and everything.  I sprayed that shit so it was all lubricated and ready to go, because obviously it was getting stuck somewhere.  Tried the transmitter again and it went down without a problem.

Very pleased with myself about my problem solving skills, I made the mistake of Googling this issue to make sure I was right.  The word on the Internetz is about half and half -- some people say WD-40 is fine for this kind of repair; others say you need a better lubricant, like 3-in-1 or some lithium based thing.  They all say to not lubricate the tracks.  Oops.  All I know is the garage door worked after the WD-40.  I haven't tried it since, and I am going to try it again in the morning, to see what happens.  In the event that it doesn't work for whatever reason, or I ruined it with my liberal use of WD-40, at least that gives me the day to call an expert to fix the problem.  My worry is me trying to leave for somewhere, and the garage door won't go down.  My garage is off an alley.  I can't just pull into my driveway and fix the issue because I have no driveway.  I have to move my car, find a parking spot on the street or just pull it back into the garage, and deal with the garage door, all the while leaving the garage open to the alley.  City living can be a pain in the ass sometimes, let me tell you.  I think I will pick up some 3-in-1 from Home Depot once I get my car and can drive over there to buy it, and just spray the rollers with it.  

That's assuming my pre-test in the morning gives good results.  Fingers crossed.  


  1. Note: Garage Door Test was successful. We are go for launch.

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